Aaron Franklin Bbq Sauce Recipe

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vinegar barbecue sauce?

This vinegar barbecue sauce, made Carolina style, calls for cider vinegar, brown sugar, hot sauce, and has a distinct and acidic-in-a-good-way tang. Use it to douse your BBQ ribs, chicken, pulled pork, or anything you pull from the grill or smoker. Adapted from Aaron Franklin | Jordan Mackay | Franklin Barbecue | Ten Speed Press, 2015

What is on the side at Franklin Barbecue?

At Franklin Barbecue, espresso sauce and a classic sauce come on the side for those who want to dunk their brisket or ribs into the dark potions for an extra hit of flavor.

How to use barbecue sauce on ribs?

How to Apply BBQ Sauce to Ribs in a Smoker or Charcoal Grill After the second hour of cooking, combine equal parts warm barbecue sauce and apple cider vinegar in a squeeze bottle and shake thoroughly. Mixing the two will make the sauce thinner and reduce the overall amount of sugar (which is liable to burn in the smoker).

What is Austin's Franklin Barbecue?

Austin's Franklin Barbecue is the Mecca of Texas ‘cue. Fans rightfully make pilgrimages to the restaurant from around the country, waiting in line often for hours for a taste of pitmaster Aaron Franklin’s smoky, rich brisket with its perfect crust.

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