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Is it harmful to drink coffee just after dinner?

Is it Harmful to Drink Coffee Just After Dinner? Unless you are worried about your nutritional intake of things like iron and some vitamins or you need to go to bed early and are sensitive to the effects of caffeine, it’s not harmful to drink coffee just after dinner. It may not be the cultural norm for you, but it’s likely not harmful.

What to drink after dinner?

After-dinner drinks are delicious, far lower in calories than a cheesecake, and may even aid in digestion (maybe). Start with these digestifs. Armagnac, Brandy, Cognac

Is drinking coffee immediately after meals good?

Coffee after meals can actually help in your digestive process and be good for your overall digestion. Still, if you have ever wanted to be regular, then you should start drinking coffee after every meal, as it can help keep your system “flowing” keeping your digestion on track the way it should be.

Are cocktails before or after dinner?

There’s actually a scientific reason why you should be having drinks before dinner – not that you needed any convincing. It’s European custom to get together with friends for drinks before a meal, but not just any drink will do. It turns out that drinks containing bitters actually open up your appetite for dinner.

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