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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make AIP pudding with overripe avocados?

Overripe avocados might smell rancid – some describe it as pumpkin-like. In an ideal world, you’d find the perfect avocados, head home, and immediately make this AIP pudding. Realistically, you might need to purchase your avocados a few days in advance of when you’ll actually make this recipe.

What is an AIP dessert?

AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) is much like paleo, which aims to support gut health by reducing inflammation-causing foods. Only it’s much stricter. So, everything from dairy and eggs to grains and processed sugars is a no-go. But don’t fret yet! I’ve found 30 sensational AIP desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth without upsetting your gut.

How do you make paleo pudding?

A simple, 5 ingredient, dairy-free, autoimmune paleo pudding thickened with gut-healing gelatin! 1-3 Tbsp sweetener of choice (grated panela, sucanat, rapadura, etc.) If using panela, first use a knife to shave off pieces of sugar. Pack the shavings into your measuring spoon. Add everything except the gelatin to a small saucepan.

Is this a Paleo recipe for AIP?

This recipe is paleo, vegan, adaptable for AIP, and is made without cornstarch or dairy. Whisk all of the ingredients together until well combined in a medium sauce pot. Set on the stove top over medium heat and continuing whisking for 2-3 minutes or until smooth.

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