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What is the Beef Council doing with Wisconsin food bloggers?

The beef council has partnered with Wisconsin food bloggers to create brand-new grilling recipes that will take your taste buds to a whole new level. You gotta give these a try! Learn More > JOIN OUR MAILING LIST

What to do with ground beef?

Mix your favorite salad ingredients with Ground Beef on top. Season thin-sliced Sirloin with lemon pepper and skillet-cook, then pile it into hummus-filled pita pockets and top with your favorite veggies. In about 10 minutes you've got an easy, portable Mediterranean beef wrap made with common ingredients and fresh vegetables.

How do you Celebrate the holidays with beef?

beef up the holidays! Make beef the center of your holiday celebration this year. Let the savory aroma of a holiday roast wrap itself around you and give your family a gift they'll ask for every year. Or maybe every night... beef on the dinner table!

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