Amish Ham Pot Pie Recipe

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How do you make a ham pot pie?

Ham Pot Pie is a cozy and comforting way to use up your leftover ham from the holidays! The ham and veggies are cooked in a creamy sauce and baked in a buttery, flaky homemade pie crust. Prepare the crust first: Place flour, sugar and salt in a food processor and pulse a couple times to combine.

How to make Amish pot pie noodles?

Making Amish pot pie noodles is really very easy. Whisk the eggs in a bowl, and add water and salt. Mix. Then add the flour and mix until it all comes together in a ball. Sprinkle a thin layer of flour onto a clean spot on your countertop. Place your dough on the flour and spread it out a bit with your hands.

What is Amish chicken pot pie?

Amish Chicken Pot Pie is a staple in the Pennsylvania Dutch community. Brothy and full of flavor, the homemade noodles add texture and body to this stew. Once you try it, you’ll never want gravy-style crusted pot pie again! Blend egg with milk and melted butter. Add liquids to flour and salt. Mix until combined being careful not to overmix.

How do you make Ham from scratch?

Place potatoes in broth to cook while you are mixing dough. In large mixing bowl, mix flour, eggs, and milk to form soft dough. You may need to add a little more milk. Roll dough to 1/8" to 1/4" thickness (depending on preference). Cut dough into 1" by 3" rectangles. Drop dough into broth one piece at a time. Cook until dough is done. Add ham.

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