Authentic Jerk Chicken Marinade Recipe

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are in an authentic jerk chicken marinade?

SO, no matter what else you use, a best jerk chicken recipe starts with two ingredients: all-spice and bonnet peppers. Other Jerk chicken marinade ingredients are : thyme, ginger, garlic, scallion, lime juice, sugar, salt and black pepper.

How do you make an authentic Jamaican jerk chicken marinade?

In a small bowl combine the olive oil, lime juice, brown sugar, garlic powder, thyme, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, allspice, salt, and pepper. Transfer the chicken and marinade into a ziploc plastic storage bag then squeeze out excess air while sealing securely.

What is the best way to marinate jerk chicken?

This authentic Jamaican jerk recipe has a secret ingredient and tasty homemade marinade seasoning. Add vinegar and water to a bowl then wash chicken thoroughly. After washing, drain the chicken and pat dry with a paper towel or clean cloth. Pour homemade marinade over chicken and let it sit for 15 minutes or more.

How long should jerk chicken marinade in the refrigerator?

Massage the marinade into the chicken by squishing the marinade throughout the bag. Be sure that all of the chicken has been coated with the marinade. Refrigerate and marinate the jerk chicken for at least 4 hours. Freeze and store for up to 3 months.

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