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Do you need a layer cake for an occasion?

Sometimes, you don't need a layer cake for an occasion, a layer cake is an occasion. We tend to err on the side of more cake, rather than less. From luscious lemon layers to jam cakes to caramel cake recipes so rich you'll need a nap after, we've collected some of our best and most impressive layer cake recipes here.

What are the best award winning cake recipes?

Award Winning Cake Recipes – Flavor. 1 1. Lemon Cake. My mind has been on a lemon cake for a while now. The idea of a light and airy cake, giving you both sweet and natural flavors sounds ... 2 2. Shirley Temple Cake. 3 3. Triple Chocolate Poke Cake. 4 4. Healthy Vanilla Maple Greek Yogurt Cake. 5 5. Texas Sheet Cake. More items

How do you make a 2 Layer Cake?

Vanilla Cream Cheese Buttercream: For a vanilla cream cheese buttercream, replace lemon juice with milk or heavy cream in the frosting. Add an additional 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract. 2 Layer Cake: For a 2 layer cake, divide batter evenly between two 9-inch cake pans. Bake time will be longer; use a toothpick to test for doneness.

What kind of cake do you need for a special occasion?

We love a simple snacking cake, but when you’re baking for a special occasion, you need a layer cake recipe. You need mile-high carrot cake, cloaked in tangy cream cheese frosting. You need chocolate cake, shiny with ganache. Red velvet? Yup.

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