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3 Essence Of Liquor 1 Exotic Herbal Wine 5 Fruit 2 Mineral Water. Full-Bodied Exotic Herbal Wine. Fishing Speed +1 for 45 min. Ghormeh Sabzi. Down Attack Damage +5% for 60 min. 5 Yak Meat 2 Grain 1 Milk 5 Garlic 2 Salt. Golden Butter-Roasted Lobster. Critical Hit +2, Knockdown/Bound Resistance +10% for 75 min.

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Imperial Cooking Box Tier,Box Base Price,Price with Bonus,Daily Revenue,Material,Quantity,Quantity Per Day,Buy Price to Profit,Buy Price to Profit,Sell Price to Breakeven,Sell Price to Breakeven,Current Price,Price Difference,Current Price,Normalized Price Difference Apprentice's Cooking Box,130

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BDO - [Spreadsheet]Alchemy/Cooking PRINTER FRIENDLY. Hey guys, since i started the game I've been using these spreadsheets religiously, and they have helped me a TON. Saves a lot of time minimizing and googling. They are printer friendly, they were created by me, and the entire bit is only 10 pages. Which isn't bad considering the amount of

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Cooking Utensil Durability: Each recipe you cook, will reduce the Durability on the cooking utensil by 1. (Higher Cooking Mastery will allow you to cook more using the same Durability.) NOTE: Some higher durability Cooking Utensils have a penalty buff that slows your cooking time and are best used for extended periods of AFK cooking or

Flower or Plant: Sunflower-Rose-Tulip

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BDO Cooking Calculator. Tools. So, I've been working on this cooking calculator, since I get like 5.9 gazillion potato/wheat/barley from workers and when time comes for me to cook some things, I have to whip out the calculator and figure out what else I need. Conversely, sometimes I have a bunch of ingredients and wonder how many of a specific

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Bdo is the perfect example of why you shouldn't listen to what others say about a game before trying it out.. I've been interested in playing bdo for a while now but all I ever heard was the p2w aspect and how the game is just a grind fest killing mobs which is partly true. but I'm having so much fun doing it I'm only level 50 so I'm new but so far I'm having a blast leveling has been …

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Cooking Calculator Tool - Accounting for Mastery. This is 100% inspired by BDOdae which I will also switch back to using as soon as the website is updated for mastery. All the critical cells are protected, so you shouldn't be able to break anything important by accident (please don't try to break it on purpose).

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BDO Farming Spreadsheet: Find the Most Profitable Crops. The BDO Farming Spreadsheet below is a simplified version of Summer’s Sheet, reflecting the three primary ways you can obtain money from farming. CRATE: harvest 1 out of 3 crops. Breed 2 out of 3 crops. MARKET: harvest 1 out of 3 crops. Breed 2 out of 3 crops.

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Ended up just having to look up the exp required for each level and divide it by the exp of the dish times whatever life exp boosts I'm running. 1. level 1. · 2 yr. ago. Find the lifeskill discord, go to the cooking channel and check the pins. 1.

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Black Desert Calculator. A resource and recipe calculator. Buy me Coffee? Click on the recipe names to open calculator. Search:

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Bdo Cooking Recipes Spreadsheet. Fill up updating this please post a contribution points are. Sometimes i cook spreadsheet new cooking recipes are based on bdo grinding information about cooking or inventory weight on. For bdo spreadsheet new afk cooking imperial cooking box you desire if you more in calpheon to make way to an imperial.

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Black Desert Online BDO Imperial Calculator Cooking Alchemy. Mastery. CP. Profit Total Profit Profit/h Quantity Price. No entries to found Previous 1 Next. Black Desert Online BDO Boss Timer and Schedule Schedule for all world bosses in your local time. Karanda 02:37:27. Upcoming Spawns. Garmoth Tomorrow 20:15.

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24 Balenos Meal. Seafood Cron Meal. Cooking/Alchemy Time -0.6 sec, Life EXP +10%, Processing Success Rate +10%, Gathering +2, Movement Speed +2, Fishing +2, Weight Limit +50LT for 120 min. 3 Balenos Meal 3 Sute Tea 1 Savory Steak 1 Ancient Cron Spice.

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Processing Calculator. Recover Ship Durability 0.4%. Obtained by manufacture processing. Filtering processed material. Crop water buff: 15. Cures sunstroke. Sold by Noura, Waida, and Yasum for 5000. Used in Conquest/Node Wars to destroy installations. Obtained by …

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Master's Cooking Box. Imperial Cooking - 50.00 LT. Master imperial cuisine box sold to imperial crafting delivery. Imperial Average. Unique Average. Assorted Side Dishes. Cooking - 0.10 LT. Life EXP +5% for 90 min. Cooking Average.

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Discord: - Cooking Calculator - With Marketplace API - BLACK DESERT ONLINE

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Energizing Cron Meal. Extra AP against Monsters +13, Attack Speed +2, Casting Speed +2, Critical Hit +2, Chance to Gain Knowledge +5%, Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +2%, Weight Limit +100 LT, and Down Attack Damage +5% for 120 min. 1 Special Drieghanese Meal 3 Serendia Meal 3 Mediah Meal 1 Ancient Cron Spice. Guru's Cooking Box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the levels of cooking in bdo?

Cooking is divided in 7 Ranks / 130 Levels, like the rest of BDO lifeskills: Beginner Cooking 1-10 (Level 1-10) Apprentice Cooking 1-10 (Level 11-20) Skilled Cooking 1-10 (Level 21-30) Professional Cooking 1-10 (Level 31-40) Artisan Cooking 1-10 (Level 41-50) Master Cooking 1-30 (Level 51-80) Guru Cooking 1-50 (Level 81-130)

How do you get cooking mastery in black desert?

Cooking Mastery was introduced into Black Desert Online in NA on 9-4-19. Players earn Cooking Mastery levels as they gain Cooking Life Skill ranks and equip Cooking Mastery or Life Mastery Gear. Extra profit from turning in Imperial Cooking boxes (Up to 144.9%)

How many batches can you make with a balenos cooking utensil?

A Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil has 500 durability, so you can make 500 batches of beer before the utensil becomes useless and needs to be discarded, but it also adds 5 seconds to each cook. (Without Cooking Mastery) Supreme Cooking Utensil and Advanced Cooking Utensil can be repaired.

How much cooking exp do you get from cooking disasters?

WARNING: Cooking EXP is greatly dependant upon your little goblin’s idea of what is difficult to cook! Healthy Cooks can cut Cooking time in half by 1/8 of a cup of Cooking Disaster!

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