Bread Machine Runza Dough Recipe

Cut into squares about 5 or 6 inches. Place portion of filling in center of squares and bring corners together. Pinch openings tight. Turn pinched side onto lightly greased …

Servings: 10-12
Total Time: 2 hrs 30 mins
Category: Yeast Breads
Calories: 629 per serving
1. soften yeast in liquid; add rest of the ingredients. (All done in one bowl).
2. Knead together and let rise to double in bulk.
3. Punch down and let rise again.
4. Turn out on board and divide dough. roll half of dough at a time to about three-eights inch thickness.

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Dough - Place dough ingredients in the bread machine in order according to manufacturer directions. Program for dough mode and remove dough when cycle is complete. Turn out onto floured marble board and divide the dough in half. Roll the dough approximately 3/8 inch thick and cut into 5-6 inch squares.

Rating: 5/5(3)
Category: Lunch/Snacks
Calories: 329 per serving

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Runzas take some time to make, but they really aren’t that hard, especially if you have a bread machine or stand mixer in your kitchen to help …

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Total Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins
1. Put the bread dough ingredients into a bread machine and set it on the dough setting. Press the start button. Check in a few minutes in to see if the dough is forming into a ball. If not, add a bit more water or if it is too sticky, add a little more flour.
2. While the bread dough is forming, make the filling: put the garlic and onions in your food processor and pulse to chop into little bits. Remove from the food processor and add the cabbage. Pulse to chop the cabbage well.
3. Heat a medium saute pan or wok over medium heat. Add the garlic, onion and ground beef and cook, chopping the meat frequently with a rubber spatula, until the meat is all browned. While cooking, season the meat generously, tasting as you go.
4. Add the onion powder, garlic power and white pepper and stir to mix. Stir in the chopped cabbage and continue cooking uncovered for about 10 minutes, stirring frequently, then reduce heat to medium low, cover and cook for 20 – 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the cabbage is very, very tender and soft. Add seasonings until it tastes just a little too peppery.

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My hubby loved these. I added 2 TBSP italian seasoning. I also used the recipe "Italian Bread using a bread machine" from this site. (one …

Rating: 5/5(139)
Total Time: 1 hr 20 mins
Category: Beef Pie
Calories: 750 per serving

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Add eggs, one at a time. Add more flour. Turn out on floured surface and knead by hand until soft dough is formed. Let rest 20 minutes for easy handling. Flour surface and roll out 2/3 of dough to make runzas. Cut into 16 squares, and add some meat mixture in center of each square. Fold dough around mixture and pinch to seal.

Rating: 5/5(1)
Calories: 181 per serving
Servings: 24

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All the recipes for runzas call for frozen dough. This is a much better dough. It would be good with any number of fillings like ham and cheese etc. It's 2 packages of yeast but since I'm too stupid to figure out how to put it, I've written the recipe like I found it.

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Scoop approximately 1/3 cup of filling into the center, spread out. Fold the top up and the bottom edge of the dough and press corners to seal. Then, fold the left side in, pinch to seal. Fold the right side over, covering the left, and pinch to close. Place the Runzas, seam side down onto a greased cookie sheet.

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Directions. Make the dough: Combine 3/4 cup warm water (approximately 110 degrees F),the yeast and a pinch of sugar in a large mixing bowl and …

Author: Amy Thielen
Steps: 10
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Put about 1/2- 2/3 cup of filling on each dough oval and fold over, sealing edges of the bread dough. You may water to wet the dough with your finger dipped in warm water for a better seal. Place each runza seam side down on a baking sheet. Leave a bit of space between each one to allow the bread to rise. Let them rise about 20-30 minutes.

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Nebraska’s Homemade Runza. I love college football. Especially my alma mater, the University of Nebraska- Lincoln’s Cornhuskers. If you have ever had the opportunity to travel to Lincoln on game day and sit inside Memorial Stadium, there are three essential foods that make a Husker game day: Fairbury Hotdogs, Valentino’s Pizza, and of course a Runza!

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Stir in cabbage and kraut. Simmer 3-4 hours, stirring often, and seasoning and tasting. (If using a crockpot, cook on "low" for 5 to 6 hours.) For the dough: Stir the yeast into the warm water. Add the butter to the water to soften, too. In a large bowl, mix together sugar, salt, and eggs. Stir in yeast mixture.

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This was my first try at making runzas, but I found the dough recipe way too wet. I ended up using six cups of flour and then a considerable amount more for rolling. But it turned out nicely. I also rolled my dough about twice as big because 4 x 4 made tiny appetizer style runzas. I wanted a meal sized runza. But that worked too.

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Day 1: Prepare the dough. Start by placing the flour, sugar, and salt into a large mixing bowl. Gently heat the milk 115º F. Hold the butter. Pour warmed milk and sourdough into flour mixture. Stir slightly before adding beaten egg. Add 1-2 tablespoons if the dough is too dry.

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Add ingredients to bread machine in order given, bake. For a traditional loaf, use the dough cyle, then shape dough into a loaf, place in bread pan. Let rise until doubled. Time will depend on the warmth of your kitchen, 33-45 minutes Bake 30-40 min's at 350. For brown bread, use 2cups white and 1 cup brown flour.

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Thaw out frozen bread dough; cut each roll into 3 pieces and set aside. Brown beef and cabbage in a large skillet, seasoning with salt and pepper to taste. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Roll out bread dough and cut into squares. Place a spoonful of the beef/cabbage mixture onto the center of each dough square.

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Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and grease a baking sheet. In a large bowl, mix together the cabbage and onion mixture with the browned ground beef. On a well-floured work surface, roll out wholesale bread until very thin, about ½” thick. In the center of each piece of dough, place a small amount of the ground beef and cabbage mixture

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Runza Sandwich Recipe. Ingredients you will need: 1 lb. ground beef; 1 small head green cabbage, shredded; 1 yellow onion, diced; 2 cans thin pizza crust (frozen bread dough can substitute) Salt and pepper; Preheated your oven to 375 degrees. On the stove, brown 1 lb. ground beef until done. Drain the beef and place back in the pan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make homemade runzas?

  • First, make the filling:
  • Chop onions and garlic and sauté in a large frying pan with a little butter or olive oil until tender. ...
  • Put browned ground beef into a large pot (I like to use my crockpot). ...
  • Simmer 3-4 hours, stirring often, and seasoning and tasting.
  • (If using a crockpot, cook on "low" for 5 to 6 hours.)
  • For the dough:

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How to make a runza?

How To Make runza casserole

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Spread one tube of crescent rolls into the bottom of a 9x13x2 pan and bake 7 minutes or until brown.
  3. While that is in the oven, brown the hamburger and onion in a skillet. ...
  4. Drain the grease from the hamburger and add the cabbage. ...
  5. Add the salt and pepper.

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What does runza food mean?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word runza food. Did you actually mean rynchopidae or ring-shaped? A runza is a yeast dough bread pocket with a filling consisting of beef, pork, cabbage or sauerkraut, onions, and seasonings. They are baked in various shapes such as a half-moon, rectangle, round, square, or triangle.

Is bread dough heavier than cooked bread?

Yes it might still be a little heavier than your normal toast that you might be used to with shop bought bread but it can still be quite nice. With soups, stews or curries – I like to eat dense, homemade bread with soups or stews. Anything you can dip the bread in really.

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