Brian Baumgartner Opens Up About His Humiliating Cameo Career And His Passion For Cooking Chili Exclusive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Brian Baumgartner?

Comedian Brian Baumgartner, a k a Kevin Malone of "The Office," talked Cameo app fame with the BBC, calling the lucrative gig "rewarding." Getty Images for SBIFF What Halloween candy are you based on your zodiac sign? Brian Baumgartner found fame on “The Office” — and a $1 million fortune on Cameo.

How much did Brin Baumgartner earn from cameo?

If you thought Carole Baskin 's Cameo earnings were impressive, those numbers are nothing compared to The Office star Brin Baumgartner, who earned over $1 million from the app just this year.

How much does Ben Baumgartner charge for a video?

Given that this star of the hugely popular NBC sitcom charges $195 a video, that suggests that Baumgartner has made at least 5,128 of his fans very happy in 2020. Galanis credits the actor's enormous success to his “persona” and the fact that "He really takes a lot of pride in his craftsmanship of the videos.

Who is Ben Baumgartner on 'the office'?

He served as a celebrity talent scout on Last Comic Standing with his The Office co-star Kate Flannery and starred with Robin Williams, Mandy Moore and John Krasinski in License to Wed. In June 2007, Baumgartner won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Broadband Program - Comedy for his work on The Office: The Accountants webisodes.

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