Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

The diet: Day One: Eat only soup and fresh fruits, except for bananas. Day Two: All vegetables. Eat all raw or canned vegetables except beans, peas or corn. Eat along with the soup. At dinner time eat a large baked potato and butter. Eat no fruits. Day Three: Eat all the soup, fruits and veggies you want. No potatoes or bananas.

Rating: 4/5(5)
Total Time: 50 mins
Category: Vegetable
Calories: 244 per serving

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The cabbage soup diet is often used to jump-start a long-term diet plan. It was one of the original "soup diets" that became popular in the 1980s, and if you're going to diet, you might as well have a delicious recipe. This basic cabbage soup is an excellent choice and can be made with beans, ground meat, or chicken if you're not dieting. Cook

Ratings: 215
Calories: 80 per serving
Category: Entree, Side Dish, Soup

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Though this is not the orignal recipe for the cabbage soup diet (found on wikipedia) it is pretty good. The original recipe has a few changes but the one that thing that I noticed is in this recipe it calls for 2 quarts of tomato juice. I found the juice to be a bit overwhelming. The juice I picked up has 50 cal and 10g of carbs per serving.

Ratings: 2K
Calories: 90 per serving
Category: Cabbage Soup

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Cabbage Soup (Diet) "Two cups of this soup provided the RDA for Vitamin A, nearly half of RDA for Calcium, Vitamin C and 25% of the RDA for Potassium. In addition, it is filled with ingredients that fight cancer, stroke and high blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels. Add this to all the healthful vitamins, nutrients and fiber you consume

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Cabbage Soup Diet Plan. Introducing you to the 7 day cabbage soup diet plan. I decided to do the most famous soup diet in the world, for 7 days only and to share with you my results from the original cabbage soup diet. We also used both our instant pot cabbage soup recipe and our soup maker cabbage soup recipe.

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Cut green pepper stem end off and cut in half, take the seeds and membrane out. Cut the green-pepper into bite size pieces and add to pot. Take the outer leafs layers off the cabbage, cut into bite size pieces, add to pot. Clean carrots, cut into bite size pieces, and add to pot. Slice mushrooms into thick slices, add to pot.

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Cabbage Soup on the Stovetop: 1) Heat a large nonstick pot or dutch oven over medium heat, add oil and cook onion, bell pepper, and celery for about 5 minutes, or until softened. Stir every now and then. Add garlic and cook for 1 minute. 2) Stir in all the other ingredients, except spinach, lemon juice, and salt.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe. Control the amount of hot water, add again during boiling as desired. To prepare cabbage soup; Take the hard root part of the cabbage you cut in half. Wash in plenty of water and drain the excess water. Finely chop it with the help of a sharp knife.

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DIRECTIONS. Clean and cut your fresh vegetables into small bite size pieces. Next add oil and all your vegetables to a five quart sauce pan, high heat for about four minutes. Next add soup packet mix, can of stewed tomatoes, and all of V-8 juice, bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer 45 minutes to an hour.

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The cabbage soup diet is a radical, 7-day weight loss plan that promises dieters a loss of 10 pounds in just one week. This diet plan is based around the heavy consumption of a low-calorie cabbage soup along with daily allowances of specified fruits and vegetables.

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Delicious cabbage soup recipe for the wonder soup diet plan. Full of vegetable and proven to help you lose weight. Course Soup. Cuisine American. Keyword cabbage, cabbage soup, detox, diet soup, easy, fat burning, fresh, low calorie, onions, soup, vegetables. Prep Time 10 minutes. Cook Time 30 minutes.

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This is the original recipe for the so-called fat-burning cabbage soup for the 7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet Plan, yields 1 large (11-in/28-cm) sauce pot of soup,

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Put all the vegetables in a big soup pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce the heat to medium and boil gently for 10 minutes. Cover, reduce the heat to …

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Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe. Season to taste with salt, pepper, parsley, curry, garlic powder, or cayenne pepper. Combine all ingredients in a large stockpot and cook on low until all vegetables are tender. If slow cooking, add seasonings approximately one hour before the soup is done.

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This Soup Recipe is even healthier and easier than Classic Cabbage Soup and is also delicious and enjoyable. Weight Loss Cabbage Soup is also known as Diet Soup, Wonder Soup, or GM Diet Wonder Soup. This Cabbage Soup is the central part of an eating plan that has been around for years enjoying unlimited Cabbage Soup throughout.

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This allows for de-fatting for a healthier soup, but you need to make this on two days, so time accordingly. For a healthier version, use sucralose instead of sugar - there is virtually no taste difference in sweet and sour recipes such as this one. Using Savoy cabbage gives the soup superlative texture and flavor.

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How to make healthy cabbage soup?

Chinese seafood, Asian eclectic, Thai and Vietnamese foods are delicious ways to welcome 2022

  • Chinese seafood (and much more)
  • Asian eclectic (part one)
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What can you eat on the cabbage soup diet?

The Cabbage Soup Diet Meal Plan

  • Day 1: Unlimited fruit (except bananas), unsweetened tea, cranberry juice, water
  • Day 2: Unlimited fresh, raw, or cooked vegetables (with emphasis on leafy greens), except for dry beans, peas, and corn. ...
  • Day 3: Unlimited vegetables and fruit (except bananas)
  • Day 4: Up to eight bananas and unlimited skim milk

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How to make cabbage soup diet plan?

  • Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large pot over medium heat.
  • Add celery, onions, bell peppers, and carrots.
  • Saute until slightly tender.
  • Stir in garlic.
  • Pour in chicken broth.
  • Stir in tomatoes and cabbage.
  • Bring to a boil and then reduce heat.
  • Cook until cabbage is tender.
  • Stir in oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and salt (if using)

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How much weight can you lose with cabbage soup?

You can lose up to 10 pounds (4.5kg) in one week on the cabbage soup diet. Although you’re likely to see this weight loss quickly, most of it will likely return as soon as you go back to eating normal food. Unfortunately as well, going on a severely restrictive diet like this one could have a negative impact on weight loss in the future.

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