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The recipes comprise the remainder of the book and are divided into sections for Coffee Based Drinks, Espresso Drinks, Flavored Lattes, Frozen Drinks and Milkshakes, and Coffee Cocktails.The recipes section is where most consumers will spend their time and I like how, with each recipe, there is a quick background on the drink and a few

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a cold brew coffee?

1. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour in the cold brew. 2. Holding the glass at a slant, pour the cream soda into the cold brew, trying not to create too much fizz. Smile and enjoy the ride. To keep any cold coffee drink from becoming diluted, fill ice cube trays with cold brew and freeze them.

Is this coffee-exclusive guide for the non-professional brewing at home?

If your love of coffee is motivated by the simplistic yet satisfying act of making a superb cup of it at home (instead of learning about the industry at large) this coffee-exclusive guide (no espresso allowed) is for the non-professional brewing in their underwear at the kitchen counter.

What is the world atlas of coffee?

The World Atlas of Coffee celebrates the nuances that make each coffee unique by looking at growing, roasting, and taste distinctions from country to country. Author James Hoffman charts key characteristics and production methods from Bolivia to Guatemala, to Zambia, and beyond, reaching more than 35 countries.

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