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Browse mini cake recipes, like cake pops, mini cheesecake bites, and petits fours. Creamy potato soup is an easy meal to make and even easier to freeze and store so you can have hearty soup anytime you want. And thanks to our 10 different top-rated recipe options, you'll never get tired of this versatile soup.

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Ginger Mini Cakes Recipe. Aromatic ginger flavors the batter of these mini cakes, which are topped with blackberry jam, whipped cream, and candied ginger. No special equipment is required to make this recipe--a 13 x 9-inch cake pan will do just fine. 30 of 33.

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Pumpkin Mini Bundt Cakes In The Kitchen With Honeyville. vanilla, pumpkin puree, sugar, Himalayan salt, flour, baking soda and 12 more. Gingerbread Mini Bundt Cakes. Pretty Bee. buttery spread, ginger, …

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Chocolate Chocolate Cake. Two-Layer Cake. Sandy’s Chocolate Cake Recipe. All-in-one chocolate cake. Brown Butter Hazelnut Cake. Easiest Ever Chocolate Fudge Cake. Black Forest Mini Cakes. Easy Chocolate Layer Cake. Homemade Vanilla Cake.

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Find recipes for making the cutest mini cakes online at Wilton! Browse a wide variety of mini cake recipes, including recipes for making mini mousse cakes, mini cheese cakes, mini chocolate cakes, and more! Delivery times are longer than normal. Please visit our Shipping Policy for more info.

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9. Blueberry Almond Mini Bundt Cakes. If you need a super easy cake recipe, this one checks off all of the boxes. The base comes from a white cake mix combined with instant pudding, eggs, oil, buttermilk, and sour cream. And don’t forget the vanilla extra for that unforgettable almond flavor. Use vanilla or white chocolate pudding mix.

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Dessert for Two > Recipes > Small Cake Recipes to make 6 Inch cakes. Small cake recipes from scratch. These mini cakes are made in a 6 inch cake pan or sometimes an 8×8″ square pan and then stacked to make 2 layers. Small batch 6 inch cakes are perfect for celebrating date nights at home, anniversaries and even can serve as small wedding

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Place 2 pieces in each mini muffin cup. Snuggle them in together. Bake at 350° for 10 to 12 minutes until golden brown. Cool completely in pan. Remove when cool. Combine glaze ingredients in a bowl until drizzling consistency. Swirl …

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Recipe: Buttermilk-Lime Mini Cakes with Vanilla-Mascarpone Buttercream. Perfect for a bridal shower or luncheon with the girls, these gorgeous little cakes start with a sheet cake that's brushed with a tangy lime syrup and end with dainty garnishes like white chocolate curls, pearl sprinkles, and fresh berries. 11 of 13.

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Line the bottom of the pan with a round of parchment paper. In a medium-size bowl, beat together the butter and sugar with an electric mixer. Beat very well, about 1-2 minutes. Add the egg and vanilla, and beat until well-combined, about 15 seconds. In a small bowl, whisk together the flour, salt and baking soda.

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Lemon Yogurt Mini Loaves Goodie Goodie Lunch Box. lemon, eggs, Greek yogurt, lemons, self raising flour, desiccated coconut and 2 more.

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Let’s look at 24 of my favorite mini-desserts! 1. Best Brownie Bites. Brownie bites are definitely for the corner lovers! With a crisp edge and perfectly fudgy center, they tick all the right boxes. To get that wonderful ratio, you will need a mini-muffin pan to bake these little babies.

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To assemble the cakes, slice the cooled cakes in half and pipe a ½ inch layer of frosting on the cake base. Place top of cake on frosting and pipe a decorative design on top. *If you are using a cake ring, prepare the cake in a 13x9 inch pan and punch out layers with cake ring.

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Easy Mini Loaf Cake Recipes. 6 hours ago Yield 1 mini loaf, 2-3 serving(s) Number Of Ingredients 8 Ingredients 1/2 cup flour 1/8 teaspoon baking soda 1/8 teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons butter, room temperature 1/3 cup sugar 1 egg yolk (from large egg) 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 tablespoons buttermilk Steps: Preview / Show more .

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Mini Cup Cake Recipes. These gourmet mini cupcake recipes are just the pick-me-up we’re craving after dinner or on the hunt for a good snack. Try all of our best recipes! I like to take these quick and easy treats to potlucks and family gatherings. They're always well received! —Pam Kokes, Citrus Mini Cakes.

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Preheat oven to 350°F/175°C. Line three 4- inch or two 6" round pan with parchment rounds, and grease with non-stick baking spray. Mix together all dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder, salt) with a whisk until fully combined. Pour the melted butter, oil, and egg into the dry ingredients and whisk until combined.

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Collection of the best mini bundt cake recipes ever. There are bundt cakes from scratch, with cake mix, with booze, fruits and so much more! These mini bundt cake recipes will truly ROCK your world! I have gone through countless blogs to find the BEST recipes. Most of these mini bundt cake recipes are made from SCRATCH but you will also find a few EASY

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a mini cake?


  • For the jam, place the strawberries in a large saucepan and crush with a potato masher.
  • Add the jam sugar and heat gently, stirring continuously, until the sugar dissolves.
  • Keep stirring, increasing the heat, bringing it to a full rolling boil, one that bubbles vigorously, rises in the pan and cannot be stirred down.

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How to make cute mini cakes?

Pig Cupcakes

  1. Tint the white frosting with red food coloring until you get your desired shade of pink.
  2. Frost the top of the cupcakes with the pink frosting.
  3. Cut the pink wafer cookies into small triangles for the ears. ...
  4. Press 2 mini chocolate chips upside down on top of the cupcake for eyes.

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How do i make mini cakes?

Make the mini cakes: Whisk the flour, baking powder, and salt together in a large bowl. Set aside. With a handheld or stand mixer fitted with a paddle or whisk attachment, beat the butter and sugar together on high speed until creamy, about 2 minutes. Scrape down the sides and up the bottom of the bowl as needed.

How to make a mini taco cake?

  • Get the mini-cakes out of the fridge.
  • Place each mini-cake in the prepared “Taco Shells”. Be extra careful in putting the cake so as not to break the “Taco Shell”.
  • Put the Chocolate RKT on both ends of the cake.
  • Pipe buttercream icing on top to mimic the sour cream.

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