Easy Sweet Sticky Rice Recipe

Easy Sticky Rice Recipe For sushi rice: Rinse 150g sushi rice in a sieve under cold after for 30 seconds, then set aside to drain fully. Add the drained rice with 200ml cold water and a generous pinch of salt to a pot with a lid and bring to the boil over a high heat. Don’t let the water fully boil as this will make the rice stick to the pot!

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Measure out 2 cups of sweet rice and place it in a pot. Add 3 1/2 cups water, stir and leave to soak for at least half an hour. An ideal soaking time ranges between 30 minutes and 6 hours. By soaking the rice, you're softening the tough outer shell of the grain. Otherwise, you may end up with hard and semi-cooked rice.

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Advertisement. Step 2. Place the rice in a microwave oven, cover, and cook on High until the water has mostly absorbed but the rice is still wet, …

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Stir the cooked rice into the coconut milk mixture; cover. Allow to cool for 1 hour. Make a sauce by mixing together 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1 …

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Total Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Category: Thai Desserts
Calories: 817 per serving
1. Combine the rice and water in a saucepan; bring to a boil; cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer until water is absorbed, 15 to 20 minutes.
2. While the rice cooks, mix together 1 1/2 cups coconut milk, 1 cup sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon salt in a saucepan over medium heat; bring to a boil; remove from heat and set aside. Stir the cooked rice into the coconut milk mixture; cover. Allow to cool for 1 hour.
3. Make a sauce by mixing together 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and the tapioca starch in a saucepan; bring to a boil.
4. Place the sticky rice on a serving dish. Arrange the mangos on top of the rice. Pour the sauce over the mangos and rice. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

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Suman sa Ibus- Filipino Sticky Rice Logs Asian in America. mangoes, salt, banana leaves, granulated white sugar, sweet rice and 1 more. Sticky Rice Stuffing (Can Also Be Made Gluten-Free!) The Woks of Life. scallions, dark soy sauce, soy sauce, fresh shiitake mushrooms and 14 more.

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Wash rice several times (until the water is clear). Let soak for a few minutes in colander. Put rice in pan with tight fitting lid and add the water. Cover and bring to a boil. Simmer over low heat for 15 minutes. Remove pan from heat and quickly stretch clean tea towel over the pot, cover with lid. Let sit off heat for another 15 minutes.

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How to make sticky rice without a steamer. Anyone can do it. Also known as sweet rice, gluttonous rice or วิธีหุงข้าวเหนียว You don't need a special steamer

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When simmering, add in the rice and stir constantly to prevent burning. Lower the heat if necessary. Preheat oven to 350°F. When rice is fully cooked, sticky and almost dry (it will look like sticky risotto), about 10 to 15 minutes, add 1 cup brown sugar.

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Prepare rice in a rice cooker on the “sweet rice” setting, using as much water as needed for 4 cups rice. When done, mix in 1 cup sugar and 1 cup coconut cream. Pour into greased 9×13 pan and smooth the top. Mix remaining 1 cup brown sugar and 1 cup coconut cream until smooth, and pour over rice.

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Directions. Soak the rice in a container that holds at least twice the volume of rice: Cover the rice with 2 to 3 inches of room-temperature water and soak for 6 to 24 hours. If you need to

Author: Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid
Steps: 6
Difficulty: 1 day 30 min

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The Best Asian Sweet Rice Recipes on Yummly Asian Sweet Rice Pudding With Red Bean Paste & 2017 Chinese New Year Party, Chinese Sticky Rice / Chow Lor Mei Fan, Rice Pudding With Strawberry Jam

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All cool recipes and cooking guide for Easy Sweet Sticky Rice Recipe are provided here for you to discover and enjoy. Healthy Menu. Healthy Plantain Recipe Healthy Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Recipe Healthy Vegetable Beef Soup Easy Whipped Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

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Strawberry Mochi (Ichigo Daifuku) 🍓. good size strawberries, take out the green stalk • ready made black sesame paste • corn starch • glutinous rice flour • corn starch • white sugar • water • Rolling pin. Make about 5-6 servings. Yui Miles.

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This easy method is the best excuse to make coconut sticky rice more often. Photo by Joseph De Leo, Food Styling by Micah Marie Morton. Forgoing the stovetop in favor of zapping the rice in the

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Feel free to adjust the sweetness of this sweet sticky rice, to your preferred level. I don’t like mine very sweet at all – though many recipes will use 1/4 cup – ½ cup sugar per cup rice. Use half white and half black sticky rice to turn the white rice a lovely shade of purple ( while soaking). The rice will take 10-15 minutes longer to

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Preparing this recipe is a lot easier than expected, all you need to do is follow the right procedure and in a few minutes you are done. Sticky rice is a very satisfying and delightful food when prepared correctly due to its savory and sweet taste.

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Cover rice with cold water and let soak for at least 2 hours or up to 24 hours. Drain rice using a fine-meshed sieve or colander (line with cheesecloth if colander holes are too large). Place rice over a pot of rapidly simmering water (don’t allow water to touch sieve) and steam, covered, for 15 minutes. Remove lid and flip rice over.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make the perfect sticky rice?

How to cook sticky rice

  • Line a steamer basket with non-stick parchment (this stops the rice sticking to the metal).
  • Fill a large pan with a 3cm depth of water. Sit the tight-fitting steamer on top, then bring to a simmer.
  • Put the rice in the steamer and cook, covered, for 35-45 mins or until sticky and tender. Keep covered with damp parchment to stop it drying out.

How to use a rice cooker for perfect sticky rice?

What to Do

  • Measure out 2 cups of rice and 2.5 cups of water. Put this into your rice cooker
  • Let the rice stand soaking for between 4 and 10 hours. ...
  • Add ½ teaspoon of salt to the rice cooker, close the lid, and switch the rice cooker on
  • Cook your sticky rice for 15 to 20 minutes. ...
  • Let the rice stand for at least 10 minutes before serving

What is the best rice cooker for sticky rice?

What Is The Best Rice Cooker For Sticky Rice

  • Aroma Housewares ARC-954SBD Rice Cooker, 4-Cup Uncooked 2.5 Quart, Professional Version. ...
  • Tiger Corporation JBV-A10U- W 5.5 Cup. ...
  • Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer. ...
  • VitaClay VM7900-8 Smart Organic Rice Cooker. ...
  • Cuckoo CR-0351F Electric Heating Rice Cooker. ...
  • Buying Guide. ...

How do you cook rice without it being sticky?


  • For 30 seconds, rinse the rice under cold water.
  • In an expansive overflowing pot with a tight-fitting cover, bring the water and salt to a boil over high heat.
  • When the water is boiling add rice, remove it and partly cover it (do not cover, or pour over), and simmer for 30 minutes at medium to high temperature.
  • Turn off the heat. ...

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