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What are some of the best fall sangria recipes?

Sangria isn't just for summer anymore! Mix together crisp apple cider, aromatic cinnamon, DeKuyper® Triple Sec, and white wine. Top it all off with soda water. The result? A light and delicious fall sangria cocktail you'll want to share with friends.

What ingredients are needed to make a fall sangria?

Sangrias are an all year round kind of drink that can be made with any seasons fruit. Fall has some of the year’s best ingredients like apples, cinnamon, pears, cranberries and oranges. Any of these autumn ingredients will make your sangria a star!

What type of wine pairs well with fall sangria?

We opted for the less traditional white wine in this sangria recipe, but red wine (such as a Spanish Tempranillo or Pinot Noir), would be a totally acceptable substitute. Opt for a light- to medium-bodied red wine. Also feel free to swap out other dry white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling.

Can you make a non-alcoholic fall sangria?

That's why you should include fun and tasty non-alcoholic sangria options at gatherings too. In the recipes above, you can replace the wine with an alcohol-free wine or sparkling juices or ciders. Other suggestions include using black tea and pomegranate juice in place of red wine.

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