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How can school food change?

School food has become increasingly more processed and less healthy. With the right knowledge and tools, schools can transform their kitchens and lunchrooms to support student health, wellbeing, and academic success. Recipes and menus are the heart of school food change.

What is the USDA recipe standardization guide for school nutrition programs?

The USDA Recipe Standardization Guide for School Nutrition Programs is a “how-to” guide on recipe standardization for school nutrition recipe developers. Team Nutrition Cooks! is a series of cooking-based nutrition activities for out-of-school and afterschool programs, for children around ages 8 to 12 years old.

When will USDA recipes for schools be available?

The new USDA Recipes for Schools should be available for distribution beginning June 1, 2006. States may order copies for all their School Districts and schools or they may forward the attached electronic order form to their School Districts so the Districts may order for their staff and their schools.

What can I make for lunch at school?

Make this Cheddar cheese sauce in just 15 minutes with kitchen staples like cream cheese, butter, and cornstarch. If you want to go the extra mile, make homemade tortilla chips . When "breakfast for lunch" was on the menu, you knew it would be a good day at school.

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