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What are some easy air fryer recipes for beginners?

Air fryer apple pie egg rolls with homemade baked fruit or canned pie filling are easy to make. Add a cheesecake filling or leave plain with just cinnamon and sugar. Just one of our sweet and simple air fryer recipes. Apple egg rolls in air fryer are such a fun dessert.

Are there any air fryer cookbooks available for purchase?

The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners – available in ebook and physical copy, this cookbook includes 142 pages full of easy recipes and air fryer tips Taste of Home Everyday Air Fryer – available in digital and physical copy, this cookbook is 112 recipes full of everyday recipes for air fryer beginners

Are air fryer recipes healthy?

Air frying can be a way to eat healthier, however, simply air frying frozen food products won't change the nutrition facts on the label. Homemade dishes are the way to go, and many of these cookbooks have ideas for healthier dinners you can make in an air fryer.

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