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What are good recipe for mixed vegetables?


  1. Place a skillet over high heat and add in the broth.
  2. After 2 minutes or once the broth comes to a boil, reduce the heat to medium-high heat (7).
  3. Add in the mixed vegetables, butter, seasonings, and bouillon cubes, then stir well.
  4. Cook the mixed vegetables for 8 to 10 minutes and stir periodically.

What spices go with mixed vegetables?

What Spice Goes Well With Mixed Vegetables? salt, pepper, and garlic, this trio represents the key to any good combination of spices. Mix about a tbsp of butter or olive oil with salt, pepper, and garlic for a 16-ounce bag of mixed veggies.

Are frozen vegetables cheaper than fresh vegetables?

So buying frozen vegetables makes it easy to prepare a healthy meal. The veggies are already cut, and all you need to do is thaw, cook, and toss with a protein and grain. Not to mention, in general, frozen vegetables are cheaper than fresh, so if you’re on a budget, frozen is a good option, says Pfau.

Are frozen vegetables more nutritious than fresh vegetables?

Researchers revealed that frozen foods contain the same, if not greater, amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate than most fresh fruits and vegetables. Researchers found the results staggering and believe that frozen fruits and vegetables are better at nutrient retention than their fresh counterparts.

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