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What can I make with frozen bread dough?

36 Genius Recipes That Start With Frozen Bread Dough. 1 Maple Pulled Pork Buns. Maple syrup is the sweet secret to these irresistible buns. Slow-cooking the flavorful pork couldn’t be easier, and the buns ... 2 Cast-Iron Pizza Pie. 3 Parmesan-Bacon Bubble Bread. 4 Cheese 'n' Sausage Calzones. 5 Ground Beef and Pepperoni Stromboli. More items

How do you make stuffed bread rolls?

Most bread recipes are made with the same basic steps – make the dough, let the dough rise once (this is called the first proof), shape the dough, let the dough rise for the second time (called the second proof) and then bake. Here’s how you make these stuffed bread rolls:

Can you make pepperoni bread with frozen dough?

Frozen dough makes this tasty pepperoni quick bread recipe a breeze to prepare. Pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and Italian seasonings are rolled together, baked to delicious perfection, then cut into bite-sized delights. Your guests will beg for the recipe! Allow frozen bread dough to thaw in the refrigerator, 8 hours to overnight.

Is frozen bread dough Semi-Homemade?

Shh … no one needs to know that each of these recipes using frozen bread dough are semi-homemade!

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