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What are the best crafting recipes in Green Hell?

Crafting Recipes For All Items And Food In Green Hell 1 Blade Axe: Wood Stick + 3x Stone blade 2 Bone Axe – Wood Stick + 2x Bone + Rope 3 Obsidian Axe – Obsidian + Wood Stick + Rope 4 Stone Axe (simple) – Wood Stick + Small Stone 5 Stone Axe (Highest durability) – Wood Stick + Stone blade + Rope

How do you use the metal axe in Green Hell?

You can help Green Hell Wiki by expanding it. The Metal Axe is one of the strongest weapons/tools available in Green Hell added in the Mud Update V.0.5.0 The Metal Axe is most commonly used for cutting down trees in order to harvest Small Sticks, Sticks, Long Sticks, or Logs, either of Bamboo or Wood.

How to make weapons in Green Hell?

Green Hell Weapon Recipes Weapon Crafting Recipe Bow 1x long stick, 1x rope Bamboo Bow 1x long bamboo stick, 1x rope Arrow 2x feather, 1 small stick Metal Arrow 1x metal arrowhead cast, 2 feather, 1x s ... 21 more rows ...

How do you make an axe in Animal Crossing?

Axe – Combine a rope, a stick and two stones to craft an Axe. You will need an Axe to cut down trees. Blade – Combine a bone and a rope to create a Blade. It will help to cut through bushes and cut meat from animals. Shelter – You can save your game here and it is unlocked right from the start.

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