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The Spruce Eats / Ulyana Verbytska. Malai kofta is a dish for special occasions. Combine potatoes, vegetables, paneer cheese, heavy cream, and spices, then form the mixture into balls, and stuff them with chopped nuts …

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Collection of over 800 Indian vegetarian recipes. Here you will find many popular & authentic veg recipes from Indian cuisine like biryani, pulao, palak paneer, aloo gobi, samosa, malai kofta and naan, to name a few. Most of my …

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20 Easy Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes. Okra Bhindi Masala. This North Indian stir fry is filled with onion, chiles, onion, garam masala, okra, cilantro and tomato. It’s quick and easy and Palak Chana Dal. South Indian Lemon …

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15 Best Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes Easy Vegetarian Dinner Party Recipes. Paneer Butter Masala. Want to impress your guests with restaurant style recipes? then try this paneer butter masala, flavoured with a few indian Kadai Paneer. Matar Paneer. Chilli Paneer. Dum Aloo.

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Air Fryer Aloo Gobi is the easiest Aloo Gobi that you will ever make! No sautéing in the pan, hand-free cooking and gets done in 30 minutes or less. Serve with rice and dal for the most comforting Indian meal. It’s also vegan and gluten-free. I adore aloo gobi and it is also one of Sarvesh’s most favorite dishes.

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Dalia Pulao/Broken Wheat Pulao. Dalia Pulao is healthy one pot vegetarian Indian meal that you can cook with wheat dalia/broken wheat or even bulgur. You can make this diabetic friendly wholesome and delicious dinner with pantry staples and freezer veggies in …

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Main Course – can be divided in to curries, sabzi, dal, roti and rice. Curries/Sabzi – I usually pick one paneer (everyone’s favorite) and one vegetable dish. Dal/Lentils – you can serve dal, sambar, rasam or kadhi. Roti – I usually order roti or naan.

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An Indian dish with plenty of flavour, saag paneer is a well-loved vegetarian side dish. It's rich in calcium and folate from the spinach and is gluten-free, too Red onion & …

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In this vegetarian tikka masala recipe, we combine crisp tofu pieces and vegetables in a spiced tomato sauce to make a healthy and flavorful dish. If you like spicy food, increase the amount of crushed red pepper. Serve with steamed brown rice for a healthier take on a classic takeout dish. By EatingWell Test Kitchen.

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South Indian Veg Recipes for Dinner. Rasam Idli. From popular food like idli, vada and dosa with rasam, sambhar and coconut chutney to simple yet flavorful rice dishes like lemon rice, curd rice, tamarind rice. Tamarind Rice. South Indian food is minimalistic with the use of local ingredients and aromatic tempering.

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With the Instant Pot, cooking Indian food at home is not a complex task anymore.As I said in my 23 Best Indian Food Recipes roundup, Instant Pot has demystified Indian cuisine for people worldwide. Many readers asked for the best vegetarian and vegan recipes that they could use for meal planning. So I am sharing this roundup with 29 …

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This post covers 20 most popular and often made Indian main course vegetarian recipes from the blog. Main course meals are had during lunch and dinners. Though we can have a light dinner, but one should always have a proper breakfast and a good lunch.

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Easy Vegetable Tikka Masala. Check out the recipe here. Ready in: 50 minutes (just 10 minutes, prep) Recipe by: SavorySpin. Bonus: easy, healthy, full of flavour and taste. This Easy Vegetable Tikka Masala is jam packed with veggies coated in a …

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Ghee (a form of clarified butter), cayenne chilies, cloves, ginger, curry, cumin, tomato, the list goes on and on! Pour dal on a bed of basmati rice for a hearty lunch or dinner. 6. Malai Kofta. Malai kofta, which means “buttery spiced balls,” is a rich curry stew loaded with potato and paneer (cottage cheese) balls.

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What is the best indian food for dinner? South Indian dinner ideas – chapatti – veg kurma, ghee rice – soya chunks curry, Bisi bele bath & sweet corn vada. North Indian dinner ideas – Paneer tikka, poori – potato masala, jeera rice – …

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