Infused Vodka Recipes Homemade

For Both Recipes: Clean bottle in warm sudsy water. Rinse and dry. Gently place the citrus peels or peppers into the gift bottle, pour in the vodka, and cover the top of the …

Author: B. Smith
Steps: 3
Difficulty: 3 hr 10 min
Total Time: 3 hrs 10 mins
1. Wash and dry the lemon, lime, and orange. Using a zester or a strong vegetable peeler, peel the skin of each citrus fruit to create narrow ribbons.;
2. When handling peppers, it's best to use rubber gloves; some varieties can sting or even burn the skin. Wash and dry the peppers and slit them lengthwise into slivers. For stronger flavor, leave the seeds intact. For milder flavor, remove. Avoid getting the juice near eyes.
3. For Both Recipes: Clean bottle in warm sudsy water. Rinse and dry. Gently place the citrus peels or peppers into the gift bottle, pour in the vodka, and cover the top of the bottle. (Do not seal at this point) Place the bottle in the refrigerator and let the ingredients steep for at least 3 hours - 2 days is better. Before giving, top off the bottle with additional vodka. (The infusion ingredients will soak up some of the vodka.) Seal the bottle with a cork or glass bottle stopper and seal with sealing wax. Tie a thin metal wire or fabric ribbon around the top of the neck, if so desired.

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Vodka made with perishable items, like fresh fruit or herbs, should be stored in the fridge. If you used shelf-stable items like dried spices or dried …

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Vodka infusions also make for pretty party décor, sweet kitchen counter accents and thoughtful gifts. And when you're sipping an artisanal …

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Add celery salt, black pepper, soy sauce, Worcester sauce, hot sauce, and horseradish to a cocktail shaker. Add ice. Then add vodka, tomato juice, and juice of one lemon wedge. Cover and shake

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Marinated Salmon with Spices and Vodka On dine chez Nanou. vodka, fresh dill, peppercorns, fresh salmon, salt, granulated sugar and 3 more. Spiked Spaghetti! AliceMizer. crushed red chili flakes, cream, olive oil, chicken broth, pasta and 5 more.

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Directions. Stack pineapple slices in a circle around the edges of a large glass jar, leaving the center open. Pour vodka into jar, completely covering pineapple. Seal jar and store in a cool, dark place for 10 days.n. Remove pineapple and strain vodka through a mesh strainer back into a jar; seal and refrigerate.n.

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Flavored vodka is also a lovely “host gift” for any Purim parties you might be attending. In the coming days, I will share some cocktail recipes using these flavored vodkas, which you can print out and give along with the vodka. Stay tuned! Note: To make this recipe gluten free, use a certified GF vodka made from potatoes. Recommended Products:

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Choose your vodka. It is most important to avoid the really cheap vodkas if you are infusing your own. If you use lower-grade vodka, the bite from the alcohol will fight with the flavors that you want to shine through. A mid-level brand of vodka would be the best because it has a smoother taste. 2. Choose the right jar.

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Cranberry Orange Vodka. Combine all ingredients in a quart sized mason jar and screw on lid. Allow mixture to infuse for 2-4 days, shaking 1-2 times a day.; After vodka is infused, strain out all solids through a cheesecloth and decant into a fresh bottle or jar.

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Infused vodkas are so easy to make, and are great when served to party guests as ice-cold vodka shots or as part of longer, citrus-based cocktails. Homemade citrus-infused vodka recipe. Makes 1 litre. Ingredients: zest of one unwaxed lemon and one large orange; 1 litre good quality vodka, such as Grey Goose; 3 teaspoons caster sugar or vanilla

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Instructions. In a food processor, pulse 3 cups of cranberries until they are big chunks. Place chunked cranberries and whole cranberries in a big jar and pour vodka into the jar over the cranberries. Stir with a wooden spoon (or cap and shake jar) and cap jar and store on a shelf. Stir every day for 7 days.

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6. Use the mesh strainer to separate the fruit flavor ingredients from the infused vodka. Use a spoon to remove the fruit pieces from the jar and prevent vodka from splashing out of the strainer. 7. Once your vodka is infused, use the funnel to put it into a bottle for storing or gifting. Give your flavorful vodka a fun name and add a label tag

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Excitingly, cannabis infused vodka is an excellent base for weed infused recipes. This is a unique base to cannabis cocktails. You can make amazing tasting cannabis beverages and delicious weed edibles! Weed infused vodka is a mutli-purpose weed edible. Here’s Why: Notably, infuse high proof alcohol to create a multi-purpose cannabis

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How to Make Infused Vodka 1. Pour/put the flavourings into the wide-mouth jar, then top up with the vodka. Make sure the vodka completely covers the items adding the flavour. 2. Secure the jar lid and save the empty vodka bottle to refill with the infused creation later. 3. Place the jar in a cool dark place for one to two weeks, depending on

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Directions. Slice oranges and drop into a resealable jar. Fill with Tito's Handmade Vodka and store in the refrigerator for 4 days. Strain when the infusion has reached the desired flavor.

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You can use either 80-proof or 100-proof vodka to make fruit-flavored vodkas. 80-proof is easier to find in stores, and I prefer it in cocktails. 100-proof vodka will extract better (and more) fruit flavor, but I find that it can tend to taste a little “hot” or raw in cocktails.

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Directions. Combine vodka, raspberries, sugar, and water in a large, non-metallic container. Press and muddle raspberries until incorporated into the mixture. Allow mixture to sit, stirring for 10 to 15 minutes each day, for 5 to 6 days. Strain mixture multiple times through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth until berries and seeds are

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make flavored vodkas at home?


  1. Prepare your ingredients Jennifer Schwarzkopf for Taste of Home Take the time to thoroughly wash and dry your ingredients. Remove the tops and uniformly slice each berry. ...
  2. Assemble all of your ingredients Jennifer Schwarzkopf for Taste of Home Fill a 6-7 cup container with the sliced strawberries. ...
  3. Wait

How to make vegetable infused vodka?

How to Make Infused Vodka

  1. Choose Your Infusion. The fruits that inspire your favorite flavored vodkas—lemons, apples, cranberries, watermelon—will all work, but feel free to think out of the bottle.
  2. Go For the Good Stuff. For the purest flavor, use the top-shelf vodka of your choice.
  3. Slice and Dice. ...
  4. Add the Vodka. ...
  5. Wait. ...
  6. Drink Up! ...

How to make skittles infused vodka?

Skittles Vodka Recipe

  1. Separate Skittles into Flavors. Start by simply separating the Skittles into flavors. ...
  2. Put Skittles in bottles. Now put your separated Skittles into 5 bottles, one flavor per bottle. ...
  3. Add the vodka to the Skittles. ...
  4. Shake the Skittles and vodka. ...
  5. Strain your Skittles Vodka. ...
  6. Chill and Serve. ...

How to make jalapeno infused vodka?


  • place jalapenos into a glass bottle that will hold more than 750 ml
  • pour the vodka over the sliced peppers
  • store in a cool, dark place for one week
  • strain peppers out of vodka and enjoy!

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