Lazy Dog Umami Sauce Recipe

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What is Umami Sauce made of?

Umami sauce is a concentrated blend of ingredients such as soy sauce, dashi and miso paste that are well known for their umami flavour. The sauce is a quick and easy way to add well rounded savoury richness to otherwise bland dishes, instead of adding extra salt or stock liquid.

How do you make a lazy dog cocktail?

Use Juli's Any Seltzer Cocktail Formula from our magazine to create this lazy dog cocktail. Salt the rim and garnish with fresh grapefruit wedges or a fresh ginger stick swizzle. Muddle ginger and sugar in a mixing glass until crushed. Add vodka and stir to dissolve sugar. Strain into 2 ice-filled Collins or rocks glasses with a salt rim.

What to do with Lazy Dog Bacon candy?

Lazy Dog Bacon candy is great on its own as a small appetizer, sprinkled with fresh parsley and served upright in a cup, just like in the restaurant. Or you can use it as a garnish in this amazing hack for Lazy Dog Crispy Deviled Eggs .

What are lazy dog crispy deviled eggs?

Lazy Dog Crispy Deviled eggs are hard-boiled egg whites that are breaded and fried until crispy, then filled with the creamy yolk mixture, sprinkled with smoked paprika, and topped with the best thing that ever topped a deviled egg: bacon candy!

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