Lemon Dog Cookies Strain

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lemon dog cookies smell like?

An Agri-Kind Exclusive strain bred thru a cross between a 2015 Lemon Skunk and an early 2000 Chemdog/GSC. With notes of lemon, sour sweetness, pinesol, and a pungent herbal vapor smell, Lemon Dog Cookies has a sense stimulating, appealing aroma. This strain has crusty, dense buds and dark green leaves dusted with glitter trichomes.

Is lemon cookies a good strain?

An indica-dominant hybrid, the Lemon Cookies plant has a sweet citrus aroma that becomes more pungent when smoked. Lemon Cookies is a good daytime strain whose uplifting characteristics and flavor feel like a warm friend. How does this strain make you feel?

Is lemon cookies your best bud?

Is this your best bud? Lemon Cookies is a sativa-leaning hybrid marijuana strain crossed by Lemon Haze and GSC. Lemon Cookies has dense buds with citrus aromas that will erupt from the bag and intensify when smoking. This strain produces a high that is euphoric but not overwhelming, leaving your body relaxed and free of tension.

What is the lemon cookies high?

The Lemon Cookies high isn't quite as bright as the flavor, with calming effects that are best suited for a lazy afternoon with friends. You'll feel an influx of euphoria almost as soon as you exhale, filling your mind with a lifted sense of happiness and ease.

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