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What are good recipes for low cholesterol?

Cholesterol-friendly recipes

  • Cinnamon porridge with banana & berries
  • Edamame & chilli dip with crudités. Party food doesn't have to be fattening.
  • Zingy salmon & brown rice salad
  • Spiced quinoa with almonds & feta
  • Vegetable & bean chilli
  • Summer vegetable curry
  • Vegetable tagine with chickpeas & raisins
  • Open sandwiches - Tomato, sardine & rocket
  • Savoy cabbage with almonds
  • Low-fat moussaka. ...

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What foods are good for lower cholesterol?

Six cholesterol-lowering foods

  1. Foods rich in unsaturated fats. Cutting down on saturated fat and replace some of it with unsaturated fats is great way to lower your cholesterol.
  2. Fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers. ...
  3. Foods with added sterols and stanols. ...
  4. Oats and barley. ...
  5. Nuts. ...
  6. Soya foods. ...

How much dry oatmeal daily to lower cholesterol?

Eating one-and-a-half cups of cooked oatmeal each day is recommended to help lower your cholesterol. Whether you choose old-fashioned or quick-cooking oats, it takes three-fourths of a cup of dry oatmeal to prepare the recommended serving in cooked form. You can also use three instant oatmeal packets to meet the suggested amount.

How do you lower high cholesterol?

  • Research health conditions
  • Check your symptoms
  • Prepare for a doctor's visit or test
  • Find the best treatments and procedures for you
  • Explore options for better nutrition and exercise

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