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How to make a perfect Dirty Martini?


  • Express lemon peel into mixing glass by gently squeezing and twisting it skin side down.
  • Pour 0.5 oz. olive brine, 0.5 oz. dry vermouth, and 2 oz. dry Gin into your mixing glass. ...
  • Taste every 10-15 stirs to make sure you are not over stirring . ...
  • Strain your martini into your chilled glass to keep out unwanted ice chips, garnish to taste, and enjoy!

What exactly does a Dirty Martini taste like?

This means that the dirty martini has a salty and olivey taste that dominates over the alcohol from which this drink is made. Dirty martinis are a great choice for all those who like to drink alcoholic beverages but do not like that sharp taste of alcohol.

Is a Dirty Martini the same as a martini?

The most significant distinction between a martini and a dirty martini is that a martini is a drink that comprises gin and vermouth, but a dirty martini is a martini that incorporates a splash of olive brine or olive juice as well as other ingredients. What is a non Dirty Martini? A dry martini is a martini that has little or no vermouth.

What is the best Martini, dirty or dry?

“The Martini is a very personal drink for each consumer,” says James Bolt, owner of The Gin Joint in Charleston, SC. “I personally like a very dry Martini and when making myself one, always reach for Sipsmith London dry. It is a classic London dry style gin with a great balance of citrus notes and juniper.

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