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What is recipe for disaster?

Recipe for Disaster is a management sim that captures the fast-paced, drama-filled environment of a professional kitchen and dining room. Build your dream restaurant, create recipes, design menus and manage your staff, all while contending with demanding customers and disastrous situations! Buy Kasedo Bundle BUNDLE (?)

How many levels does recipe for disaster have?

Recipe For Disaster has 5 levels that players work to complete, each with their own win conditions and lose conditions, as well as special bonus conditions that can be completed as well. Our Recipe for Disaster campaign guide should help you complete each one without too much issue! Win Conditions - Have 5 seated tables at the same time.

How many pantry recipes are there for emergency preparedness?

These 17 Pantry Recipes for Emergency Preparedness are going to be your new go to list in the event of a natural disaster, emergency or if you have no idea of what you are going to make for dinner. Let’s stay in and make the best of what we’ve got using staples from the pantry, fridge, and freezer!

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