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Nigerian food consists mainly of rice, yam, plantain and beans. These are prepared and eaten with the various soup and stew recipes. They can also be prepared in jollof or porridge form. The most common Nigerian food eaten in homes are fufu recipes. These are food you swallow without chewing them.

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Nigerian Food Recipes: All Nigerian Dishes App - Typical Dishes is your ideal application for all lovers of Nigerian cuisine and food. With this fantastic app it will no longer be necessary to break your head when it comes to cooking typical Nigerian dishes, since you will find many recipes of Nigerian gastronomy totally free here in the Google Play Store.

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Whether it's Nigerian Jollof rice, fried plantain, fufu, or ofada stew Nigerian food is some of the best African cuisine. Different parts of Nigeria will have different traditional dishes, but there are also Nigerian foods that are widespread across the entire country.

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Home of delicious Nigerian dishes. Not only would you find over 100 Nigerian recipes here, as a large part of my food blog is dedicated to Nigerian foods.

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May 7, 2012 - Explore A. K. BUIS's board "Traditional African Dishes/ Nigerian Recipes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about nigerian recipes, recipes, african food.

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9jafoodie features Nigerian Food Recipes, cooking tips and healthy alternatives. 9jafoodie! For the love of food!

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Sep 28, 2020 - Explore Remi Ade's board "Nigerian Dishes.", followed by 113 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about nigerian food, african food, nigerian recipes.

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Oct 11, 2019 - My grandmother taught me about good Nigerian cooking then the rest followed, including the skills of a remarkable cousin. See more …

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You will find fifteen main recipes of some of the most popular dishes enjoyed all across southern Nigeria. So why make an ebook about Nigerian food recipes? Firstly, I love Nigerian foods. I think Nigerian cuisine has penerated a lot of cultures across the world and many people are becoming more curious of African cuisine in general.

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Nigerian cuisine consists of dishes or food items from the hundreds of ethnic groups that comprise Nigeria.Like other West African cuisines, it uses spices and herbs with palm or groundnut oil to create deeply flavored sauces and soups.. Nigerian feasts are colourful and lavish, while aromatic market and roadside snacks cooked on barbecues or fried in oil are in …

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Loved by many, African food is celebrated for its rich and complex flavor profiles.As a large continent that encompasses more than 50 countries, there’s a wide range of traditional dishes to try. North and West African recipes stand out through their use of warm spices like saffron, nutmeg, ginger, and cumin — flavorful seasoning that enhances the flavor of any dish.

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Rating: 4.85 stars. 21. African-inspired spices infuse the peanut butter and tomato base of this hearty one-pot stew starring chicken, sweet potatoes, and collard greens. This recipe, which appeared in Allrecipes magazine's Dec/Jan 2020 issue, comes from Ellie's new cookbook, "Whole in One: Complete, Healthy Meals in a Single Pot, Sheet Pan, or

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23 hours ago · Standing nearly 14 feet tall and 30 feet wide, the Legacy Quilt — part of the Museum of Food and Drink’s (MOFAD) latest exhibit, “ …

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Cameroonian Gateau Recipe Nigerian Buns /VERY CRUNCHY RECIPE Pork Chop Fried and Smothered in Gravy & Kimballs Band Live African Village Life//Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Village Food

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Jollof Rice. Jollof rice is one of many African recipes that has an array of variations. However, the five must-have ingredients that you’ll find in this dish are as follows: Rice. Tomatoes. Onions. Scotch bonnets. Chili peppers. It’s rare for there to be a Nigerian dish without Jollof rice being an integral component in the recipe.

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2 hours ago · The quest to travel with your taste buds has put Jamaican and West African cuisine on dining tables across America. To meet that demand, Grace Kennedy International, Easy Tasty Jollof and Typhanie

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some traditional nigerian dishes?

Nigerian pepper soup is possibly one of the most traditional Nigerian dishes simply due to its versatility and ability to use a variety of different ingredients. Different meats can be used in the preparation of pepper soup, the most popular are chicken, catfish, goat, beef or cow feet.

What foods are common in nigeria?

23 Nigerian Foods The Whole World Should Know And Love

  1. Jollof rice. Add a comment... What it is: Not whatever the hell Jamie Oliver said it was. ...
  2. Akara. Ify Nzeka / Via What it is: Deep fried bean cakes. ...
  3. Bean and plantain pottage. Why it's awesome: Nigerians love a pottage, and they are most commonly made with yams (Nigeria is one of the top producers of yam in ...

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What types of food does nigeria produce?


  • Chin Chin is made from wheat flour, eggs and butter and is described as fried cookies. ...
  • Puff Puff and doughnuts made flour and fried with vegetable oil
  • Kuli-Kuli or groundnut cake. ...
  • Meat pie, fish pie, and chicken pie.
  • Wara is a soft cottage cheese made from fresh cow milk or soya beans.
  • Plantain chips made from plantain and are often dry fried

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How to cook nigerian dishes?

Nigerian food

  1. Jollof Rice. Jollof rice is unarguably the most popular Nigerian food. ...
  2. Soup and Swallow. Nigerian swallows include eba, fufu, Semo, pounded yam, tuwo shinkafa and quite a few others. ...
  3. Porridge Yam (Nigerian Food) Yams are generally prepared in different ways in Nigeria. ...
  4. Noodles – Nigerian food. ...
  5. Porridge Beans. ...
  6. Tea and Bread. ...
  7. Spaghetti – Nigerian food. ...

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