Ninja Blender Alcoholic Drink Recipes

Simply Made Recipes. 8. Strawberry Vodka Slush. This simple strawberry vodka slush even tastes great without the vodka, TBH. 9 of 17. …

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Directions. Add tea bag to the ½ cup of and allow to brew 3 minutes. Remove the tea bag and then add stir the honey to the teacup until the honey melts. Combine the frozen berries, half banana, and soya milk in your …

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The margarita is likely one of the first drinks that comes to mind when you think of blended, frozen cocktails.. Ingredients . 1 lime wedge ; Rimming salt ; 1½ ounces tequila ; 1 ounce orange liqueur ; 1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice ; ½ ounce simple syrup; 1 …

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8. Ginga Ninja Green Smoothie. This smoothie contains a lot of ingredients, and it’s definitely the kind of smoothie that you want a high-powered blender like the Ninja Blender to make. It’s a bright green, ginger-heavy drink that’s a bit of an acquired taste. I’ll be honest.

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The watermelon in this cocktail results in a highly refreshing drink, perfect for sipping outside on a hot day. To make this cocktail, simply blitz the following ingredients in a blender: 2 ounces

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Ninja Master Prep Professional, the Ultimate Food and Drink Maker. Unlike any product you’ve owned, the Master Prep Professional is high-powered and versatile allowing you to transform fresh ingredients into extraordinary meals and beverages. This recipe book gives you some great ideas for ways to use both

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Pina Colada IV. Rating: 4.08 stars. 23. This recipe was originally created by a man called Monchito in Puerto Rico in 1954. For the kids we used lots of ice cubes instead of crushed ice, and added 1 tablespoon of sugar. (Of course we omitted …

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The Spruce Eats / Mateja Kobescak. The piña colada is another essential for any blender enthusiast. It's a boozy tropical smoothie of pure deliciousness. The best part is that you only need five ingredients: rum, …

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Let's share some of your favorite mixed drink recipes that you like to make in your Ninja BlenderDisclaimerOur videos are for entertainment purposes only. It

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Soups, pastries, beverages and significantly more classifications can be the result of using those extraordinary kitchen apparatuses. Nutri Ninja, Ultimate Blender, Pulse System, the Ninja family merely is perpetual. A fruit …

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Pineapple Mint Frozen Daiquiri. Pineapple and aged or white rum add rich, sunny flavor to this take on the daiquiri. It's the perfect cocktail for a hot day. Garnish with fresh mint leaves or the

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Who doesn't love a drink that's made in a blender? It's practically synonymous with party! So whip up one or more of these delicious recipes and get ready to hear your doorbell ring.

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Try our FREE Juice Detox! ORANGE JULIUS “SURPRISE” RECIPE Smooth and creamy, this delicious drink is very similar to the one served at the mall (minus the egg!), only our Orange Julius, made with a Blendtec or Vitamix high powered commercial blender, has a healthy Blender Babe SURPRISE!! Sneak a carrot in your blender and turn ….

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8. Cherry Spinach Smoothie. Cherry is another ingredient missing from many fruit smoothie recipes. A refreshing and different spinach combination will make this recipe a staple in your rotation! Get the recipe here. 9. Ginga Ninja Smoothie. We came because of the name, we stayed because it was incredible!

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6. Dirty Banana. More of a delectable milkshake than a summertime slushie, the Dirty Banana is the answer for any sweet tooth! This alcoholic smoothie recipe combines a few different ingredients but proves to be irresistible and worth the effort. Another great feature of this recipe is that it comes with a virgin alternative so with a few quick

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1 cup baby spinach (fresh or frozen) ½ avocado (peeled and stoned) ¼ cup water. Mix all these ingredients by blending for about 30 seconds in your Nutri Ninja. Pour into a serving glass and enjoy your yummy Nutri N inja

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Total Crushing® Technology helps blend through frozen strawberries to make a frosty, smooth margarita in the 72 oz. Ninja Blender Pitcher.Learn more at http:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes the ninja blender from its competition?

  • High capacity 72oz glass pitcher, perfect for family, party, and restaurants
  • Powerful 1000w motor to quickly crush any ingredient, including ice cubes
  • Sharp 6 blades assembly to ensure perfect consistency and thickness
  • Various speed settings and pulse options to personalize the result

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How to use a ninja blender properly?

Tips for Using the Ninja Blender Properly

  • Always check to see that the motor base is connected to anything before you use it!
  • Prepare your container by putting in your blade assembly first.
  • Never operate the blender unless the lid is securely fastened.
  • In no circumstances should you start the blender with no ingredients in it?

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Can the ninja blender be used as a juicer?

You can use your Ninja blender for juicing, and it will save you from having to buy an expensive juicer. Blenders are often used for making juices, and they can be a great alternative to juicers because they don’t require much work or preparation. You can make juice in your Ninja blender without too many issues and a few extra steps.

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