Norwegian Blood Klub Recipe

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How to make blood Klub?

------------------------------------------------------------- Blood Klub (Hildeborg Olson) 14 c. ground raw potatoes 1 1/2 c. beef blood 1 c. rye flour 1 c. crushed dry bread crumbs 1/2 c. salt 3/4 tsp. pepper 14 c. flour Mix all ingredients. For filling use lean pork, onions and salt and pepper. Make a patty of 1 1/2 cups dough.

How to make Norwegian Klubb dumplings?

These Norwegian Klubb Dumplings are so tasty, filling, and a great way to celebrate Scandinavia. Whether it is a holiday tradition or a weeknight meal, these dumplings are worth the effort. Mix and knead until firm. Add more flour if necessary to bring to stiff bread dough consistency Wrap dough around one cube of ham.

How do you cook a Klub?

Remove the klub from the sack when ready to serve. Slice, and serve it hot with butter, or cut into pieces and place them in a heavy skillet. 4. Pour in the cream and stir over medium heat until the creamforms a gravy. 5. Serve as is or with crisply fried side pork. (If stored in the refrigerator, this will keep for several days;see Note.)

What is Klubb in Norway?

In Stavanger / southwestern Norway they call it Kumle and sere it similar to in Bergen. In Trønderlag they also call it Klubb serve it with a sauce called duppe (Klubb og duppe) which is a white sauce with added brown cheese, and top it off with crispy bacon crumbles. Thank you for the information! That’s fascinating.

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