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Since Pillsburycrescent rolls were introduced in 1965 (along with everyone’s favorite Doughboy), we’ve been experimenting with new, stellar ways for you to use our famously versatile refrigerated dough. From breakfasts …

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Breakfast Crescent Rolls Julie's Eats and Treats. salt, butter, red pepper, shredded cheese, olive oil, sausage links and 4 more. Garlic Crescent Rolls Jolene's Recipe Journal. crescent rolls, garlic butter, crescent rolls.

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A can of crescent roll dough is a blank canvas for all kinds of tasty creations that include delicious appetizers, as well as breakfast, lunch …

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Put your own creative spin on dinner rolls with Pillsbury's Original Crescent Dough Sheet. This seamless pastry dough sheet allows you to cut, fill, top or …

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Saturated Fat 1.5g: 7%
Cholesterol 0mg: 0%
Sodium 300mg: 13%

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1. Heat oven to 375°F. Slit hot dogs to within 1/2 inch of ends; insert 3 strips of cheese into each slit. 2. Separate dough into triangles. Wrap dough …

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Total Time: 25 mins
Category: Dinner
Calories: 290 per serving
1. Heat oven to 375°F. Slit hot dogs to within 1/2 inch of ends; insert 3 strips of cheese into each slit.
2. Separate dough into triangles. Wrap dough triangle around each hot dog. Place on ungreased cookie sheet, cheese side up.
3. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden brown.

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Whip cream cheese, 1 cup sugar, vanilla and egg yolk and spread over rolls. Spread second package crescent rolls to fit over cream cheese mixture. Whip egg white and spread over rolls. Mix 1/2 cup sugar, nuts and cinnamon together and sprinkle over top. Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

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Dec 22, 2021 - Step 1: Keep Pillsbury crescents on hand at all times. Step 2: Keep these easy, crescent-loving dinner, brunch and dessert recipes on hand at all times. Step 3: Eat!. See more ideas about crescent roll recipes, recipes, pillsbury recipes.

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Have you ever tried using Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for something other than a plain crescent roll? This list of OVER 48 Breakfasts and Desserts using Pillsbury Crescent Rolls can be your inspiration! Whether you’re craving cinnamon rolls, danish, eggs, or s’more, this list of Pillsbury recipes includes something you’ll love.

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Pillsbury Crescent Dough Sheet Recipes. 9 hours ago 8 hours ago Pillsbury™ Mini REESE’S PIECES Cookie Dough Recipe 1 hours ago Instructions PDF 1 Preheat oven to 350 ̊ (325 ̊ if using a nonstick baking sheet). Lightly grease sheet. 2 Place cookie dough 2 inches apart on prepared sheet. 3 Bake until edges are set, 14-18 minutes.

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Similar to the tubes of crescent dough you can buy at supermarkets. This dough can also be used in other recipes that call for …

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Total Time: 3 hrs 15 mins
Category: Yeast Breads
Calories: 111 per serving
1. In a large mixing bowl, dissolve the yeast and 1 tbsp of the sugar in the warm water. Let sit until foamy - 10 minutes
2. In a separate bowl, combine remaining sugar, salt and 3 cups flour. Using the paddle attachment, once yeast is foamy, stir in beaten eggs followed by shortening and butter. Next, add flour mixture using the dough hook. Turn out onto floured surface and slowly add the last cup of flour, kneading to achieve a smooth, elastic consistency. Be careful not to add too much flour. Use as little as possible - you may not need to add all the flour.
3. Place in a greased bowl, turning to grease the top of the dough. Let rise in a warm place (85 degrees F) until doubled, about 1 1/2 hours. ***TIP*** At this point if you want to use the dough for something other than crescents, such as other recipes using Pillsbury crescent dough, you can shape it as desired.
4. To form crescents: When done rising, divide in half, rolling each half into a 12-inch circle 1/4 inch thick. Spread with the soft butter and cut each circle into 16 wedges. Roll up each wedge beginning at the largest end and place, point side down, on a greased baking sheet. Curve to form crescents. Cover and let rise until doubled, approximately 1 hour.

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Cream Cheese Crescent Bars Recipe - Food.com top www.food.com. blend cream cheese, vanilla, sugar and egg yolk together.spread evenly over crust --gently place remaining crescent roll dough on top, pinching seams together. set aside. whisk egg white until frothy, brush over the top of dough. sprinkle with topping, bake at 350* until golden about 25-30 minutes. slice into …

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Cheesecake Crescent Rolls Recipe - (4/5) - Keyingredient trend www.keyingredient.com. Preheat oven to 350°F. Unroll and spread 1 of the cans of crescent rolls on the bottom of a 9" x 13" baking dish (or 8 x 8 if you want to cut the recipe in half). Combine softened cream cheese, 1 cup sugar, and vanilla.

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Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are the dough crescents sold in the refrigerator section of grocery stores. This Crescent roll recipe is the Copycat recipe for Pillsbury crescent rolls and is equivalent to two 8-count tubes of Pillsbury dough sheets. Learn how to make crescent rolls for quick and easy recipes using this convenient ready-to-use dough.

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Total Time: 35 mins
Category: Bread
Calories: 144 per serving

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Deselect All. Rolls: 1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened. 1/2 cup sugar. 1 tablespoon lemon juice. 2 cans (8 oz each) Pillsbury® refrigerated …

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Author: Sponsor recipe courtesy of Pillsbury.com
Servings: 8
Difficulty: 45 min
1. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. In a small bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar and lemon juice; beat until smooth.
2. Crescent Rolls: Unroll dough; separate dough into 8 rectangles; firmly press perforations to seal. Recipe Creations: Unroll dough; cut into 8 rectangles.
3. Spread each rectangle with about 2 tablespoons cream cheese mixture. Roll up each, starting at longest side; firmly pinch edges and ends to seal. Gently stretch each roll to about 10 inches.
4. On ungreased large cookie sheet, coil each roll into a spiral with seam on the inside, tucking end under. Make deep indentation in center of each roll; fill with 1/2 teaspoon preserves.

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How do you use pillsbury crescent recipe creations?

Unroll and spread remaining tube of Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough Sheet over mixture. Spread melted butter over the top (use brush or finger to be sure everything is covered) and sprinkle with lots of cinnamon and sugar. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes until done.

What can you make with pillsbury crescent dough sheets?

HOMEMADE TASTE: Use this versatile crescent dough sheet to make flaky crescent rolls or experiment with Pillsbury recipes for crescent rings, pastries, pies and more BAKE IT ALL: Also try Pillsbury's biscuits, cinnamon rolls, cookies and pie crusts for sweet and savory treats

What do you use pillsbury crescent rolls for?

Most often, you’ll find that I use Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Grands! Biscuits, or Cinnamon Rolls in my recipes. All three of those can make so many other delicious breakfasts and desserts (and even savory recipes too), from pull-apart bread to monkey bread and so many more.

How do you cook a pillsbury crescent roll?

Press Pillsbury crescent rolls together in bottom of 9 inch pie plate or quiche plate. Layer first onion, then ... minutes and then cut and serve.

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