Researchers See Added Nutritional Benefits In Organic Milk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is organic milk better for you than conventional milk?

Whole milk from organic dairies contains far more of some of the fatty acids that contribute to a healthy heart than conventional milk, scientists are reporting. The finding, published Monday in the journal PLOS One, is the most clear-cut instance of an organic food’s offering a nutritional advantage over its conventional counterpart.

What are the benefits of drinking organic milk?

Here are six reasons why you should switch to the organic stuff if you haven't already:

  • 1. It’s better for you Some studies say dairy is good for you, others say it should to be avoided at all costs. ...
  • 2. It’s better for breast-feeding babies Dutch government funded research showed that mothers who consumed organic (instead of non-organic) dairy products had more beneficial nutrients in their breast-milk, and breast-feeding ...
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Why does organic milk cost more than regular milk?

This is because the higher the intake of pasture, the better is the quality of the milk. This is the basic difference between organic and regular milk. Talking about the price, when you order milk online, you would have noticed that the cost of organic milk is more than that of regular milk.

What does organic milk guarantee you?

Organic milk comes from cows that have never been given these drugs, which means that organic milk is guaranteed to be free of any residue. On the other hand, neither growth hormones nor antibiotics are as popular as they were (in part because consumers complained), so many regular dairies avoid these drugs.

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