The Official Recipe Of The Signature Doubletree Cookie

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What is a DoubleTree by Hilton Cookie?

DoubleTree by Hilton is famous for its proud tradition of greeting guests with its signature, warm DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie at check-in, symbolizing a warm welcome and comfortable stay.

Does DoubleTree have a cookbook?

2017: DoubleTree by Hilton introduced an annual Cook (ie) Book around National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (Aug. 4) that featured DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie-inspired recipes from its hotels around the world, beginning with We Have Cookies. 2018: The second Cook (ie) Book, Start with Cookies, was released.

Does DoubleTree have a recipe for chocolate chip cookies?

The hotel chain is famous for greeting guests with warm chocolate chip cookies, but since the popular treats arrived in 1986, DoubleTree has refused to give up the details. “Revealing the recipe was a big discussion,” admits the chain’s global head Shawn McAteer. Try the recipe yourself, and take note of the secret ingredient: lemon juice!

Can you freeze DoubleTree cookies?

How to Freeze DoubleTree Cookies: you can freeze the unbaked cookies, and there’s no need to thaw first before baking.

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