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What is ube halaya recipe?

Ube Halaya Recipe, is a Filipino dessert made from boiled and mashed purple yam or they called it in the Philippines as “Ube”. The texture is a little chewy and creamy, and the flavor of the Ube should stand out. Heat a cooking pot then put-in the butter and let it melt. Add the condensed milk then stir well.

What is ube halaya Jam?

Hi Bold Bakers! Ube halaya jam, purple yam jam, halayang ube, or simply ube jam — whatever you choose to call it, it’s absolutely delicious and the key ingredient in many Asian desserts! The wonderfully colored yam, a relative to our more familiar sweet potatoes, is a popular ingredient in the Philippines.

How do you make ube jam?

You can get the ube ready in advance of making your jam. In a heavy bottom, large pot, add the cooked ube, evaporated milk, coconut milk, condensed mil and sugar. With an immersion blender, blend the mixture to make the ube as smooth and silky as possible. (You can also do this in a liquidizer, food processor or using a hand masher)

Is ube halaya vegan?

This recipe for Ube Halaya (Purple Yam Jam) is easy to make and yields a thick, creamy sweet spread lightly fragranced with coconut. It is vegan and consists of only 4 ingredients: ube yam, coconut milk, vanilla extract and granulated cane sugar. What is ube? Ube (pronounced OOH-bey) is a purple yam that is commonly found in the Philippines.

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