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What is the best Ugandan food for growing children?

This Uganda food is good for growing children as it is ground and mixed with floor to act as porridge it is nutritious for kids ,so when you go to any supermarket in Uganda,ask for soya beans mixed with Nkejje fish. Lake Victoria is home to the Nile Perch, which is now the favoured and easily available fish dish.

What are the tastiest traditional foods in Uganda?

If this has intrigued you into learning more about Uganda’s cuisine, then read on, as we unveil the tastiest traditional foods that come from the country. Found historically in the more tropical southern parts of Uganda, matooke is regarded by many as the country’s national dish.

How to cook African food with children?

Cooking African food with children is a way of introducing them to a new culture, although how much you involve the kids depends on the age of children. Stick with foods that require only minimal preparation, such as salads, or that have a long cooking time, such as stews and soups.

What to do with bananas in Uganda?

Roasted/ Deep Fried/ Steamed Plantain (Gonja) Bananas of all colors have undoubtedly surrounded you if you live in Uganda or any other tropical region: green, red, and yellow (they turn yellow when ripe). Gonja or plantain has been used in about a million recipes. If you want the steamed plantain, you can use not-very-ripe gonja.

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