Ugandan Chapati Recipe

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How to make Chapati?

How to make Chapati 1 Knead a smooth dough To begin with, take a large-sized bowl. Put two cups of flour along with a cup of water, salt and ghee in it. ... 2 Flatten the dough balls Now roll out few balls from the prepared dough. ... 3 Cook the chapati Once heated enough, put the chapati on the pan and cook from both sides. ... More items...

What are Ugandan chapatis made of?

In Uganda, Chapati is usually rolled up with a vegetable Omellete, and it is popularly known as Rolex. When making the Kenyan Chapatis, some people add a bit of grated carrots to add a bit of color to bread. I’m yet to try that but I know it will be good!

How much curry powder to put in chapati?

Reply Hi Joan, I am glad you and your hubby enjoyed the chapati. I have never tried it with curry powder but I think it would definitely taste good. I would put 1/2 to 1 teaspoon max for starters and adjust from there. I hope this helps. Dongy April 11, 2020 Reply Thank you for the recipe. First time to make chapati and it comes out soft.

What to eat with East African chapati?

It has a delicious but subtle flavor that is why it can be easily paired with almost any dish whether sweet or savory making it an extremely versatile side dish staple. The East African Chapati is very similar to the Indian Paratha (one of the most popular unleavened flatbreads in India).

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