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What are the desserts of Uganda?

Many of the desserts in the cuisine of Uganda are made from fresh fruits, dry fruits like peanuts, raisins, pistachios etc. Sugar cane juice is a prominent ingredient in most of the dessert recipes of Uganda. The desserts are easy to make and do not require any special tact.

What is the best food to eat in Uganda?

When you get to Uganda try out the local restaurants or the homes of residents who should be able to prepare or treat you to some of the relishes and foods made from the numerous vegetables, yams, potatoes, bananas and fruits.

What drinks are popular in Uganda?

These can be served English-style or spiced ( chai masala ). Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Fanta have all made inroads in the Ugandan market and soft drinks have become very popular. Both traditional and Western beers are probably the most widely available alcoholic beverages across Uganda.

What to do with bananas in Uganda?

Roasted/ Deep Fried/ Steamed Plantain (Gonja) Bananas of all colors have undoubtedly surrounded you if you live in Uganda or any other tropical region: green, red, and yellow (they turn yellow when ripe). Gonja or plantain has been used in about a million recipes. If you want the steamed plantain, you can use not-very-ripe gonja.

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