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What are the best Ukrainian desserts?

As a rule, the Ukrainian dessert Studen is based on dairy products and it is always very original and mouth-watering. The successful combination of semolina and cherries is responsible for flawless flavor that won’t leave any semolina’s fan indifferent. The Ukrainian apricot pie or pennik is vitamin-rich and easy-to-cook dessert.

What to make for Christmas in Ukraine?

Ukrainian Scuffles, also known as rogalyky, are a signature Ukrainian dessert cooked for Christmas. These croissant-shaped rolls are traditionally made of buttery yeast dough and covered with cinnamon sugar. Soft and buttery, they are fun and easy to make. A few pantry staple ingredients and a slow overnight rise give...

What SWEETs are made in Ukraine?

It is not a question to answer with a half-dozen answers, nor with stereotypes. In Ukraine, there is a huge variety of sweets made from cherry, honey, nuts, chocolate, caramelized milk, among other ingredients.

What are Ukrainian cheesecake tarts?

6. Ukrainian Cheesecake Tarts These seven-ingredient (excluding fillings and toppings) tarts are cheesecakes with a twist. Each one has the sweet and tangy cheesecake taste, served in a warm, buttery crust. You can add jams, jellies, chocolate chips, berries, and whatever else you like for toppings and fillings.

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