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What is Ukrop's homestyle foods?

For those of you who were born outside of Central Virginia, Ukrop's Homestyle Foods is a family-run supermarket—a beacon of homestyle cooking—that's been serving Richmond, Virginia, since 1937. In Richmond, everyone and their mama knows and loves Ukrop's.

Is Ukrop's a bakery?

Ukrop's Food Group. Its baked goods are marketed under Good Meadow and Ukrop's brand. In 1976 Ukrop's bought Dot's Pastry Shop, a well-known bakery in Richmond. It used the name Dot's Pastry Shop for years before changing it to Ukrop's Bakery. From 1937 to 2010 the Ukrop family operated supermarkets in Richmond and its surrounding area under...

When was Ukrop's Super Markets founded?

Ukrop's Super Markets was founded in 1937 by Joseph Ukrop. The company had 26 stores, mostly in the Richmond area, as well as one store in Williamsburg, and one each in Colonial Heights, Petersburg, and Fredericksburg.

Does Ukrop's have a Thanksgiving meal program?

The success of the chilled meals led to their holiday meal program in the 1990s, through which they hoped to offer customers "the gift of time," with ready-to-heat and enjoy turkey and ham dinners, Rowe says. You read that right: Your whole Thanksgiving meal is waiting for you at Ukrop's.

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