Ulunthu Vadai Recipe Tamil

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How to make ulundu vadai?

Soak the urad dal for an hour . I usually add the green chillis while soaking. Drain the water completely. Grind the urad dal along with green chillies, ginger (if adding). Normally wet grinder is most preferred for making ulundu vadai. While grinding the vadais do not add too much of water as we normally add while grinding idli dosa batter.

How to make medhu vadai?

Medhu vadai recipe – Ulunthu vadai – ulundu vadai- medu vada – with VIDEO and step by step pictures, tips and tricks to make perfect shape. Soak urad dal for 2 hour at least. (Use whole urad dal without skin (muzhu ulundu)for better result). Grind urad dal with only little water till fluffy. Please note the following points:

What are the health benefits of ulundu vadai?

Before jump into the recipe, let’s see the health benefits you will get from ulundu vadai. Urad dal or split skinned black gram is the main ingredient for this recipe. Urad dal is very rich in protein, iron, potassium, and calcium which help you to build the muscles and keep you energetic.

What to eat in Tamil Nadu?

Medhu Vadai is one of the popular snack in Tamil Nadu made using Urad Dhal (Ulundhu). It’s a great and tasty appetizer. We usually make this vadai for most of the festivals for neyvedhyam (offering to the god). Medhu vadai with idli, pongal, sambar & Chutney is a famous breakfast combo in Southern Part of India.

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