Uncle Julios Black Bean Recipe

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What is the best way to cook black beans?

Flavorful, and packed with good-for-you nutrients, these restaurant-style black beans are a treat worth making. Heat a heavy skillet over medium-high heat. Add in the oil and let heat briefly. Add in onions and saute for 5 to 7 minutes until soft. Add in minced garlic, cumin, and cayenne pepper and saute another 60 seconds.

Did you bring a gallon of salsa to uncle Julios?

We went to uncle julios. She's been bringing it back to me every time she comes to visit ever since. My brother in law brought a gallon back from chicago for me once too. A couple weeks ago i bought a jar of Frontera Gourmet Mexican Salsa- Double Roasted Tomatoe Salsa.

Can you make black beans like refried beans?

To make these black beans like refried beans, use a potato masher and mash them directly in the skillet to a course, pureed consistency. You can add a little water, a tablespoon at a time, if the beans become too thick. Would this recipe work for pinto beans as well? Certainly. Pinto beans would blend well with all of the spices in this recipe.

Does uncle Julio’s have nutritional information on their menu?

At Uncle Julio’s, we’re committed to providing our guests with all of the information they need to make the right menu choices for them. To review the nutritional information of your made-from-scratch favorites, choose from the location options below.

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