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How do I Choose an under counter file cabinet?

Measure from the floor to the underside of your desktop and use that measurement to guide your search. You also want to ensure that the width of the under counter file cabinet won’t encroach on your leg room, so take note of where you like to sit and how much space you have on either side of you.

What is an under desk file cabinet?

Enter the under desk file cabinet. Tucking neatly beneath your desk, this discrete piece of office furniture provides you with the flexibility to put together your ideal workspace without being limited to a single item that does it all.

How do you make an under-cabinet drawer?

This under-cabinet drawer really is a simple project. For lumber, you’ll need 1/4-in. plywood for each drawer bottom (see Figure A ), 1×3 for the drawer box and 1×4 for the drawer supports, drawer front and trim board. (You’ll need two trim boards if the drawer is visible from both sides.)

What can I put under my upper cabinets?

Coffee pods, knives, utensils, spices—there are so many good uses for an extra drawer or two under your upper cabinets. You can put one under almost any upper cabinet as long as there's enough space underneath to fit your countertop appliances. So take a look at what's currently cluttering your countertop and make a nice, neat home for it above!

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