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How do you turn unhealthy ice cream into a healthy food?

Turning unhealthy ice cream into a healthy food is as easy as throwing your favorite frozen fruit combinations with a bit of water into a high end blender (or even a food processor). If you want your ice cream a bit sweeter, add super-ripe bananas or dates to the mix.

How to make a healthy snack?

If you want a crunch, dip your favorite nuts (you can always dip half-way to reduce calories!) and let them harden in the freezer. If you love chewy candies, use raisins or other dried fruits. If you can’t wait for the freezer to do its magic, simply dip fresh fruit in your warm chocolate and call it a day. 8. Fruity Sparkling Water instead of Soda

How to make a healthy Burger?

11. Bunless Burgers instead of Traditional Burgers Choose to make your burgers leaner and greener. For a heart-healthy burger, you can easily use a lean meat (turkey, chicken, salmon) or a veggie patty and do away with any cheese. To cut the carbs, swap out the buns for lettuce, portobellos, or sweet potato rounds.

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