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What to eat in the USVI?

Other traditional USVI desserts include dum bread, coconut tarts, banana fritters, rum cake and fresh Danish ice cream made by using fresh fruit and cream that is churned into a sugary masterpiece. We hope our list of traditional dishes helps you think about eating your way through the tasty and satisfying culinary delights of the sunny islands.

What drinks are made in the Virgin Islands?

Drinks. Rum is distilled directly from sugar cane or molasses. As such rum was originally manufactured along side sugar on sugar plantations in the Caribbean. Today the Virgin Islands are well known for Cruzan Rum, manufactured on St. Croix. There are a number of popular health and fruit drinks common to the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean.

What to do in the Virgin Islands?

The Virgin Islands boast a whirlwind of picturesque beach landscapes and fun and exciting things to do. Meanwhile, if you find yourself famished after your activities, be sure to step out and try some dishes that infuse local culture and regional influences in the most delicious of ways.

What to eat on the island?

Stewed oxtail, beef, goat and chicken are all popular. Saltfish is favorite as a dish or in pates. Side dishes include rice and peas, yams, fried plantains, dasheen, sweet potato, cassava, beans and lentils. Below you will find a few recipes for island favorites!

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