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What is on the USDA recipes for schools CD-ROM?

The CD-ROM contains the recipe files listed alphabetically by recipe name, by recipe number, and by recipe category. As stated in our January 18, 2006, memorandum to State Agencies (policy memorandum SP 10-2006), beginning July 1, 2006, schools must use the new USDA Recipes for Schools for meeting meal requirements for Federal reimbursement.

What is standardized recipe best practice training?

This training assists in identifying what a standardized recipe is, when it is required, and why standardized recipes are used. It also reviews required elements of a standardized recipe best practice and identifies common errors found in standardized recipes. This training is best viewed on the Google Chrome browser.

What are the revised recipes?

Revised recipes have been standardized, edited for consistency, and updated with CCP information based on the 2003 Food Code Supplement. Revised 2005. Includes: USDA Recipes for Schools - Alphabetical by Recipe Name Quantity Recipes for School Food Service.

Are there any updated recipes in the Food Buying Guide?

The updated recipes from the 1988 Quantity Recipes for School Food Service and the 1995 Tool Kit for Healthy School Meals are now available. These recipes have been edited and reflect the changes made in the newest edition of the Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs.

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