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How to use OneNote to organize all your recipes?

Use Microsoft OneNote to Store and Organize Your Recipes

  • At the top of your workbook, name the tabs different categories of recipes, such as "main dishes," "desserts," or "cocktails"
  • Within each category, click ‘new page’ on the right hand side to add a recipe
  • Type the recipe name in the box at the top of the page and put in the recipe

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What are the advantages of using OneNote?

Uses of OneNote in Various Fields

  1. Business users: To store their individual ideas and share them with their peers and colleagues.
  2. Project team members: To store project documents, update status, meeting agenda, minutes of a meeting, and track progress
  3. Employees: To store training materials, notes during a training session, and knowledge nuggets to remain contemporary

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How do people generally use OneNote?

Some things I use it for:

  • Keeping track of meeting agendas and minutes
  • Taking notes in training programmes and classrooms
  • Coming up with ideas / writing about specific, topical things
  • Saving invoices, online transaction information as a page printed to OneNote
  • Organizing ideas for patents and inventions and as an engineering notebook

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How to create your own templates in OneNote?

How to create your own OneNote template:

  • Add a new page from the + Add Page button on the right hand side of your screen.
  • To adjust the size of your page, click on Paper Size and set the desired paper size and print margins.
  • Add any headings you’d like. ...

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