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What should I cook for Valentine's Day dinner?

Over 40 best romantic Valentine's Day dinner ideas including fresh seafood recipes, tender chicken dinner, comforting creamy pasta, and so much more! One of my favorite Valentine's Day recipes are Surf and Turf Steak and Lobster Tails. Preheat oven to 425 F or set to broil on high.

How do you Celebrate Valentine's Day at home?

You can show your love with a DIY gift, pink cocktails or a V-Day fruit salad, or you can whip up a fancy-schmancy (and romantic) dinner. Here are our favorite ideas for a date night meal to remember.

What dessert should I make for Valentine's Day?

This decadent dessert recipe with nuts, chocolate ganache and coffee, is the perfect way to finish off your Valentines meal. Ground almonds make our caprese cake deliciously smooth. And who can resists chocolate on Valentine's Day? Nothing says 'I love you' more than a chocolate fondant and we've made it even better by adding salted caramel.

What's on the menu at Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is much more romantic with a thoughtful meal at home. We've put some menu plans together (starters, main courses, puddings and little extra somethings) for you to choose from – how about oysters, lobster, steak and chocolate truffles? Looking for Valentine's Day recipes?

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