Valentines Day Recipes For Two

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What is the best Valentine's Day dinner recipe?

Seafood is a natural for a romantic meal. Bonus: This healthy dinner idea for two—seasoned perfectly with lemon, white wine, and parsley—will leave room for a festive dessert . Give steak and seafood a break. Nowhere does it say those are mandatory ingredients of a Valentine's Day dinner recipe.

What to make for Valentine's Day?

Treat your sweetie (or your gals) to one of our favorite Valentine's Day cheesecake or cake recipes.

What's on the menu for Valentine's Day?

Get Valentine's Day ideas for the perfect night in. Recipes include seafood starters, steak, creamy pasta, indulgent tortes and rich chocolate puddings. Need some more inspiration? Check out all our Valentine's Day recipes, our favourite Valentine's Day cocktail recipes and some spectacular Valentine's Day menu ideas.

Can you make Valentine's Day dinner and dessert in advance?

The solution: make your Valentine's Day dinner and dessert in advance for an easier, more enjoyable night come February 14. We've compiled a list of date night-approved recipes you can make a day or two before the holiday or make to freeze.

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