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What are some easy Valentine's Day recipes?

Celebrate the most romantic of holidays with simple recipes for two, plus more easy-yet-elegant Valentine's Day ideas. Treat someone special to romantic Valentine's Day recipes for breakfast, dinner or dessert from your favorite FN chefs. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a must-have. For fun treats, mix up one sugar cookie dough five ways.

What's on the menu for Valentine's Day?

Get Valentine's Day ideas for the perfect night in. Recipes include seafood starters, steak, creamy pasta, indulgent tortes and rich chocolate puddings. Need some more inspiration? Check out all our Valentine's Day recipes, our favourite Valentine's Day cocktail recipes and some spectacular Valentine's Day menu ideas.

What are the best valentine's day treats?

Festive cupid cupcakes are the ultimate declaration of love: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla all in one! Fill with Nutella and garnish with a chocolate heart for an eye-catching Valentine’s Day treat. Extra fluffy white chocolate strawberry cupcakes combine creamy white chocolate and real strawberries– zero artificial flavor.

How do you Celebrate Valentine's Day?

There are tons of different ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I’ve noticed most of them revolve around food. Here are a couple of my favorite ideas for this special day… Plan a scavenger hunt for your better half that ends with a homecooked dinner date Host a potluck where every friend brings a different themed dish

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