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What are some easy Valentine's Day desserts?

These easy Valentine's Day desserts are sure to make your day one to remember! From cakes to cookies to chocolates and more, we have it all. Wash and dry strawberries. Set aside. Melt chocolate according to package instructions or use a double-boiler method. We did the double-boiled method using a pressure cooker.

How many desserts does Albertsons have for Valentine’s Day?

We have over 35 desserts that will make your Valentine’s Day (or night) one to enjoy and remember. At Albertsons, you can find all the ingredients you need for any of the recipes below, including our easy recipe for Chocolate Covered Strawberries (see recipe below).

What is the best valentine's day cookie recipe?

Recipe of the Day. Semisweet and white chocolate are swirled together and topped with heart candies and strawberries in this bark perfect for Valentine's Day. This recipe makes 17- 3 inch sandwich cookies and 17 - 1 1/2 inch heart shaped cookies. You'll need a 3-inch heart shaped cutter and a 1 1/2-inch heart shaped cutter.

What to make for Valentine's Day?

If it's got love in the name, especially when it's a nod to an Italian romance, it's a must-make for Valentine's Day. Store-bought chocolate cake mix and chocolate pudding mix are the secrets behind this easy cake from Valerie Bertinelli. There's a double dose of mascarpone cheese in both the filling and frosting.

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